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Page, Patrick: Pages from Patrick's Notebook
©1990 Martin Breese
Illustrated by Earl Oakes
Paper, 94 Pages
Available as an e-book from

Pages from Patrick's Notebook
Image courtesy e-bay seller MHMagicMagazines

Comments ( "This superb ebook is packed with ideas and routines from Patrick Page one of the most knowledgeable professional magicians. Imagine producing real beer in an empty can - close-up! Or learn a routine for the transparent Chop Cup. Plus rope routines, card moves and effects and lots more, including Pat's Princess Quatro Card Trick."


3. Contents
4 Introduction
5 The Biro Can
9 The Vanishing Knot
11 The Ever Change Card
15 The Pageboy's Picture Frame
17 The Not-A-Knot Rope
19 The Misdirope Trick
20 The Pageboy Turnover Switch
23 Wilfred Johnson's Coin Trick
25 The Four Ace Move
28 The Vanishing Handkerchief
30 The Delayed Action Palm
32 The Rose Tissue
35 Smokerama
38 Cut And Restored Yarn
40 The Jumping Flower
42 Magic Handful
44 The Automatic Palm
46 Copycat Cards
49 Magic Square Telepathy
52 Karate Chop Coin Trick
54 Noddy Handkerchief
57 The Snip Snip Coin Trick
59 Princess Quatro
61 The Coin In Bottle
63 Spellbound
65 Transparent Chop Cup
68 The Sympathetic Rising Cards