Ovette, The Great: Ovette's Tricks and Illusionettes
©1944 Ovette, published by Samuel Berland
This edition ©1982 D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Paper, saddle-stitched, 30 pages
Ovette's Tricks
              and Illusionettes
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Comments: "Being a Collection of Easily Built Tricks and Small Illusions". Illustrated by Thomas M. Libonati.


2 Contents
3 The Great Ovette: short biography
4 A Novel Opening Number: Dove and Rabbit production from bowls
6 The Waterless Tube: a can is filled with water, but a ribbon pours out and baby chicks are produced
9 Magic Bunny Rings: three rings are placed on a tray and covered with another tray. Top tray is removed, and a rabbit appears.
10 The Oriental Bead Rack: tool to force a color
12 The Oriental Tube: confetti to rabbit illusion
14 Stack of Fish Bowls: inexpensive bowl production
16 Bunny Production Box: how to build it
17 The Traveling Silks: silks travel from one paper bag to another
20 On Again Off Again: follow up with four silks
23 Bird and Cage: dove vanishes from newspaper and appears in box
25 The Vanishing Lamp: lamp vanishes under a cloth
27 Bird and Cage Illusion: Canary and silk transpose
29 Candle and Fan: fan vanishes and a candle has changed into the fan
31 Catalogue of Selected Magic Books: advertisement