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Ouellet, Gary: Close Up Illusions
©1990 The Camirand Academy of Magic Inc.
Publisher and Photographer Guy. D. Camirand
Hardcover, 350 pages, 7"x10"
Close Up Illusions
Image from Magicref

Comments: Lots of classic close up by Gary Ouellet. B&W photos throughout.


vii Publisher's Foreword: Guy D. Camirand 1990
ix Introduction: Gary Ouellet, Quebec 1990
1 Chapter 1: The Close Up Theater: Magic as a Performing Art, essays
3 Body Memory: guide your movements
4 The Spectator: is always right
5 Conviction: show good close up
5 The Script: use what's available
6 Drama: make a plot
6 Choreography: props, movements
7 Suspense: create anticipation
7 The Sound of Music
8 The Stage: making a close up arena
11 The Close-Up Stance
13 Showtime
14 HINT: Your Opening Effect

15 Chapter 2: The Greatest Effect in Magic (an examination of the vanish of a small object)
17 The Finger Palm
18 The Closing of the Right Hand
19 The Vanish
20 Eye Movement
21 The Mystery of the Crystal Chamber: trick using S.S. Adam's Disintegrator effect

25 Chapter 3: Flashy Wonders (cards)
25 Flash Deck: an appearing deck of cards; performed seated
28 Three Second Wonder: a no sleight cutting the Aces routine
33 The Deck Vanish: not described
34 HINT: Hand lotion recipe

35 Chapter 4: Double Trouble (cards): Double lifts
36 The Break System, part 1: the get ready
38 The "Pages of Time" double lift
40 Triple Delight: multiple lift
42 The Crook Concept: utility move
43 The Crook Double Lift
44 The Crook Snap Change
45 The Crook Palm
46 The Break System, part 2: another get ready
47 The Crook Second: a one handed 2nd deal
49 Couture's Wrist Double: almost one handed double lift
51 The Windmill Double: audience in front, double swings down
53 The Jiminy Cricket Double
54 The Crook Color Change
56 HINT: Tacky Fingers

57 Chapter 5: The Secret of Three (coin): body language
58 The Toss Transfer Vanish: hand to hand

61 Chapter 6: Sponge Ball Miracles
61 The Push-Pinch Sponge Ball Vanish
64 Some Reflections on Sponge Ball Routining
65 The Odd Man Out Routine: performed seated, involves spectator
67 The Flying Imp Pass: for sponge ball
70 HINT: Achieving Body Memory

71 Chapter 7: The Magic Lecture: essay on the good and bad of magic lectures
76 HINT: On rough skin

77 Chapter 8: The Classic Force: described and taught in detail
80 Quarterback: a variation of the 3 1/2 of Clubs card trick

83 Chapter 9: Eureka! Editorial on originality and providing proper credits

87 Chapter 10: The Paradise Count (cards): an alternative card counting technique described
94 The Paradise Elmsley Count
97 The Paradise Jordan Count
99 The Paradise 2/4 Count
99 The Paradise Ascanio Spread
101 The Paradise Hammon Count
102 Double Deposits: depositing two cards as one
104 HINT: Video yourself

105 Chapter 11: The Final Coin Flight: vanish of the last coin for coins through table routine
106 The Gimmick: making it
107 Performance
109 More Uses for the gimmick suggested 

111 Chapter 12: The Infidel Change (coin excellent!): a coin changes to another coin as it is dropped, lapping.
112 Handling 

115 Chapter 13: Coin Drops
115 The French Drop: Proper handling described
117 The French Canadian Drop
119 The Revolver
The Schneider Retention Drop
The Gallo Drop
The Ultimate French Drop

125 Chapter 14: The Silverdust Routine: Silverdust is poured into the hand and melds into a silver dollar, which jumps from hand to hand, changes to a Chinese coin, back to a silver dollar, back to dust and vanishes
129 Hirata Master Move: described but not taught
130 Spellbound Sequence
The Silverdust Load
133 The Toss Change (described as There & Back Again in Apocalypse)
The Silverdust Vanish
138 HINT: Slippery Cards and preparing for manipulation

139 Chapter 15: Pasteboard Pageant: essential card moves
139 The Small Packet Principle: principle of which card a spectator is likely to take from a small packet; with application
142 Touch Three Cards: 3 cards are selected and the 3rd becomes reversed, sandwiched by first two selections
145 Not on the Bottom, Not on the Top: Selection "shown" not to be on the top or the bottom from the face up deck
147 Three Triumphant Cuts: Easy revelation, selection is found on the third cut
150 Migration: Collector's Plot
157 The Paradox Control: controlling a card from the center to the top
164 Equivoque: cards are eliminated one by one until only selection remains
167 Convincingly Versatile Control: controlling selection to bottom

171 Chapter 16: The Touch Force: variation of peek card force
174 The Spill Variation
175 The Krenzel Color Approach: used as a color change
176 The Olympic Challenge: signature transformation routine around a "sports competition" plot
182 HINT: smoothing rough edges of new decks

183 Chapter 17: The Ambitious Card: general discussion
185 On the Count of Three: middle sequence
187 Ambitious Challenge: another sequence
192 Juxtaposition: bringing top card to 2nd position

195 Chapter 18: The Silver Sequel (coins): intro
196 The Grand Trunk Funk and Banana Railway Switch: a box switch
198 The Jamary Coin Clip: how to make it
199 The Gossamer Dissolve: a vanish of 4 coins using the above gimmick, lapping

205 Chapter 19: The After Dinner Speech: a good sample speech about magic for the lay audience, includes spots to perform magic

217 Chapter 20: The Slider: the card top change (intro)
217 The Slider Top Change
220 The Inertia Change
221 The Wrist Snap Change
222 The Slider Switch: deck face down
224 HINT: Audience respect and sucker effects

225 Chapter 21: The Challenge Factor: avoiding being challenged by the spectator

229 Chapter 22: Finger on the Card Revisited: routine not taught
230 The Swivel Cut Control: control card to top
234 Butt Cutt: false cut

239 Chapter 23: Showcase (a complete card act)
239 The Invisible Switch: packet switch
244 Showcase: full 10 minute card routine
247 The Uppercut: bottom to top transfer
249 The Reverse Uppercut: reverse bottom cards
252 HINT: Original score (music)

253 Chapter 24: Rock & Roll Dice Stacking
254 The G-spot: holding the cup
255 The Rocking Action: wrist action
256 The Rolling Action
257 The Pick-Up: lifting the cup
258 The Lift-Off: performed in the air
259 The Stack
261 A Routine: a dice stacking routine
264 HINT: Video memory

265 Chapter 25: The Miracle Signed Card to Purse. Card to coin purse routine
276 HINT: Truth in a latrine

277 Chapter 26: Some Words to a Beginner: lists bad advice to avoid
278 Moves to learn
280 HINT: Half-time show (slow motion video performance)

281 Chapter 27: Japanese Jewels: Hideo Kato of Tenyo
281 The Kato Kount: some cards are placed in the pocket. Remainder are spread and spectator chooses a card and deck is squared. Cards are removed from pocket, and number indicated by the cards is counted down to: the spectator's card!
285 The Amazing Dream Glass: a drinking glass seems to cling to the back of the fingers
288 HINT: Performing for magicians

289 Chapter 28: For Ascanio
290 The Angle Spread: an add-on for the Ascanio Spread (taught in Chapter 10)
294 Maneater (Hamman, Ascanio, Gernier, Ouellet): a card placed aside early in the routine becomes the spectator's signed selection
298 Impeccadillo: Magician drops a card to the table, spectator selects any card. The cards match
299 The Crook Spread: another way to end the Ascanio Spread

303 Chapter 29: Hint Heaven: a list of 38 tips from Steve Burton, such as "White cards and white rope cannot be seen against a white shirt; raise or lower the prop to achieve contrast."

307 Chapter 30: Netherworld: Gary's handling of Paul Curry's Out of this World

315 Chapter 31: The Anxiety Factor. Addressing anxiety, in this case needing to palm a gimmicked coin and switching the coin in a Coin Through Cigarette routine

321 Chapter 32: Northern Sleights
321 The Amazing Coin Vanish: a coin vanishes when tossed UP into the right hand
324 Lapping Plus Technique: a lapping tip
325 The Impossible Thimble Vanish: a thumb palm vanish that sounds like it won't work
328 The New Wave Thimble Vanish: close up thumb palm vanish
329 Pirouette Center Double: getting doubles to the top of the deck
333 Peregrination: sequence for an ambitious card routine
335 Stab Force: deck is stabbed with a knife, yet the card is forced
338 Sound Effect: two coins vanish, enhanced by the proper sounds
339 The Gallo Slide (Mike Gallo): a false transfer
340 Modified Kosky Illusion: A handing on the Kosky Switch (card switch)
346 HINT: Animals

Chapter 33: Enigmas for Posterity.Can you profoundly move your audience?

349 Special Bonus Section: The Angle Pivot Principle. The idea and its application to the Double Lift