Ouellet, Gary: Eric DeCamps' The Coin Connection
Masters of Magic Series Volume 2, Number 1
©1986 Camirand Academy of Magic Inc., Canada
Photographed and Edited by Guy Camirand
Paper, 33 Pages
Eric DeCamps' The Coin Connection
Image courtesy e-Bay seller ThunderSoldDad

Comments: Eric's Dazzling Close-Up Coin Act


3 Publisher's Introduction
4 A Word from Eric DeCamps

5 The Coin Connection
6 Effect
6 Props Department
7 Set Up

7 A Word on Vanishes
7 Retention of Vision Vanish
9 The Gone Sell

10 Act I The Homing Coins
10 Benzais Friction Palm
13 Purse Steal and Shuttle Pass
15 Scoop Pickup
16 Edge Grip Pickup

18 Act II Travel Agents
19 The Stack Steal
20 The Pretend Pickup
22 The Shell Sneak
23 The Blow Away Vanish
24 The Retention Pickup

26 Act III Foreign Exchange
26 The Levered Production
27 The Side Entry Vanish
28 The Silver/Copper Transformation
30 The Cleanup

31 Supplement - An Alternative to Act II
32 Patter Suggestions
33 The Last Word