Ortiz, Darwin: Scams & Fantasies with Cards
©2002 by Darwin Ortiz; Published by A-1 Magicalmedia
Hardcover, 221 pages

Scams and
              Fantasies with Cards
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Comments: (Uli Weigel). Illustrated by Tony Dunn.


1 Foreword by Roberto Giobbi
7 Introduction

11 Scams
11 Deja Vu Poker
14 Combination Cull (Corner Crimp)
20 The Brush (Marlo's Face-Up Switch, Veeser Count, Daryl's "Rising Crime" Display)
26 Liar's Poker
34 Shark Attack (Tabled Slip Cut)
44 Raw Deal
48 The Professional (Laurie Ireland Shuffle)
54 God of Gamblers (Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer, Daryl's Triumph Cutting DispLay, Jennings Stud Bottom Dea1)
66 No Way Out (Push-In Change, Ortiz Bottom Palm)
72 Pocket Money
76 Smart Money (Erdnase Top Palm)
80 Maximum Risk (Sinister Glimpse)

91 Fantasies
91 The Last Laugh (Three-Card Catch)
98 Remote Control
102 The Zen Master
112 Hitchcock Travelers (Neal Elias Multiple Shift, Palm Change Stea1, Houghton Pocket Load, Loewy Palm, Marlo Pocket Transfer)
120 The Quick & The Dead (Vernon Top Palm)
124 Fastest Gun Alive (Daley Center Double Lift, One-Handed Top Palm)
126 Cannibal Holocaust (Vernon Add-On (Derek Dingle's handling), James/Ellis Loading Move, Four-As-Five Count, Carney's Versa Switch)
136 The New Back Off
144 Ace in the Pocket (Braue Add-on)
148 Darwin's Ambitious Card (Ortiz Shift, Dingle's Two-Card Pickup)
158 Ultimate Oil & Water (Underspread Cull, Krenzel Pressure Hideout, Joshua Jay's Ribbonspread Hideout)
168 Ultimate Fusion
174 Pass the Garbage (Slop Shuffle)
180 The Color of Money (Hamman Count)
190 Walkaround Triumph (Ortiz Biased Pressure Fan)
192 Triple Cross
196 Beat the Devil (Fred Kaps' Hamman Count Shuffle, The Flushtration Count)
202 Appointment in Samara (Zarrow Addition)

209 Essay
209 Showing or Hiding Skill