Orrin, JF: The Conjurer's Vade Mecum
©1898 (circa) Stanley Paul & Co., London
©1927 (circa) David McKay Company, Philadelphia
Hardcover, 6x3.25", 159 pages
Orrin: Conjurer's Vade Mecum
Image courtesy eBay seller JayAndLefty
Orrin: The Conjurer's Vade Mecum
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayAndLefty

Comments: With diagrams and illustrations by the author

Contents (Contents updated Oct 2017, only Chapter page numbers are accurate):

7 Foreword (Will Goldston)

9 Chapter I The General Principles of Magic
11 Le Tourniquet: coin vanish
16: Variation
18 Two Other Matters of Importance
20 Misdirection

25 Chapter II Outfit and Accessories
25 The Wand
27 The Table
29 The Servante
32 The Card Easel
34 The Double Paper Bag
36 The Doule Handkerchief

38 Chapter III Tricks With Cards
38 Naming the Top Cards of Several Heaps
38 Discovering a Chosen Card
39 Discovering Several Freely Chosen Cards
40 The Turned Card
42 Specially Prepared Pack
43 Bringing a Chosen Card to the Top of the Pack
44 Effect I
46 Effect II
48 Effect III
50 The Rising Card Trick
54 The Four Ace Trick
57 The Card Frame

62 Chapter IV Tricks With Handkerchiefs
63 Production: four methods
65 Evanishment
66 Colour Changing
69 The Twentieth Century Trick
72 The Handkerchief and Flag
74 The Passe-Passe Handkerchiefs
76 The Handkerchief and Matchbox
79 The Handkerchief and Egg

83 Chapter V Pretty Tricks
84 The Ribbons and Flag
87 The Fan and Flags
90 The Handkerchief and Confetti
94 The Egg and Confetti
97 Paper Flower Production
99 The Production Tubes

103 Chapter VI Thought Reading
103 Billet Reading
105 The Spirit Slate
109 Serviette Calculation
112 A Complete Thought-Reading Act

120 Chapter VII Tricks With Borrowed Articles
120 With a Borrowed Coin: vanished coin found in a serviette
122 With a Borrowed Watch: vanished watch found in a matchbox
125 With a Borrowed Handkerchief: Handkerchief vanishes from one box and is found in a chosen box
129 With a Borrowed Postal Order: serial number of a burnt postal order appears on a slate, then the postal order is found restored

134 Chapter VIII Miscellaneous Tricks
134 The Die and Egg
139 The Scent Bottle and Flag
143 The Numbers on the Board
145 The Black Art Coin Stand
148 The Cards, Coins and Glass

152 Chapter IX Arranging a Programme