Orrin, Edmund: The Art of Picking Pockets
©1966 Edmund Orrin, Mariposa, CA
Softcover, tape-bound, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages
The Art of
              Picking Pockets
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Comments: For entertainment purposes only!


5 Introduction
6 Stealing from The Outer Breast Pocket
7 Stealing from The Inner Breast Pocket
8 Stealing from The Right Outer Coat Pocket
9 Stealing from The Left Outer Coat Pocket
9 Stealing from The Back Pocket
10 Stealing from The Side Trouser Pockets
11 Stealing a Tie Pin
12 Stealing a Wrist Watch
13 Stealing Garters
14 Stealing Suspenders
15 Returning the Stolen Items
18 How to Fake Picking Pockets
18 Stealing a Wallet
18 Stealing a Wrist Watch
18 Stealing Suspenders
19 Stealing a Pen
19 Stealing from Pockets
19 Stealing From an Envelope in a Subject's Pocket
19 Stealing a Pair of Stockings
20 Stealing from a Purse
20 Final Suggestions