Orben, Robert: Patter Parade
1947 Robert Orben, NY
Published by Louis Tannen
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 48 pages
Patter Parade
Image courtesy GranHoudini.net

Comments: Most entries are comedy monologues around the subject of the title. Also one-liners, and some patter ideas.


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5 Gilding The Guillotine: patter for head-chopper
7 Love - The World's Greatest Indoor Sport
8 Hospital Daze
9 Heckler-Stoppers
10 Crime Doesn't Pay - But The Hours Are Good
11 I Clean Up In Wall Street -or- The Life and Loves Of a Street Cleaner
12 Where There's A Bill - We're Away
13 The Many Art of Self-Defense
13 My Girl - The Object of My Confessions
14 No Boss Is No Loss
15 Comedy Song Titles
16 Travel Broadens One
17 California - Land of Silken Honeys
18 Alcoholics Unlimited
19 State of The Nation
21 She Was A Radio Operator's Daughter Who Didn't Have the Remotest Control
22 Venturing Into Ventriloquism or He's Just a Little Wooden Head But I Wooden Eat Without Him
23 Orben's Vent Routine
27 My Second Impression of An Evening With A Push-Button Radio
28 She Was Only A Trainman's Daughter - Loco With No Motive
30 Openings: lines for starting your show
31 Closings
31 Cake Ankake: a restaurant story
32 Long Terms From Little Phrases Grow
34 Magical One-Liners
35 My Life  or the March of Slime
36 Introductions
37 There's No Business Like Show Business
38 The Housing Shortage or Two Chickens in Every Pot and Two Families in Every Garage
40 Comedy Relief: stunt for between acts
41 Christmas Comes But Once A Year And Once A Year's Enough
42 Horses Don't Bet on People
43 A Sap's Fables
44 Carstairs + Car-Stares = Carfares - Car-Cares
45 Miscellaneous Patter
48 Poem