Okal, Bill: A New Look at Some Classic Close-Up
©1988 Bill Okal
Softcover, Comb-Bound, 8.5x11", 45 pages
A New Look at
              Some Classic Close Up
Image courtesy e-Bay seller CosanostraMagic

Comments (Cosanostra Magic): We don’t need new tricks...see what can be done with some creative thinking. Classic magic by a working pro who earned his craft at Eddie Fechter’s “Forks Hotel”


1 Torn & Restored/Transposed card
2 - I. Torn & Restored Card
3 - II. Torn Corner Transposition
4 - III. Presentation for Standard Method
15 Reverse Surprise
17 Slow Motion Aces
24 Triumph ~ A Variation
29 Three and Three
35 Coin Assembly
40 Cut and Restored Rope
44 Professor's Nightmare Count