Nikola, Louis: Magical Masterpieces
©1934 Will Goldston, Ltd, London
Hardcover, w/dj, 251 Pages
Nikola: Magical Masterpieces
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Contents (from book):

7 Introduction
9 The Disappearing Cloak: vanishing your cloak as you enter the stage
13 A Disappearing Walking Stick: an opener
14 Fire and Water: using a fire bowl
17 Catching a Card on a Knife Point: several devices described
24 A Treacle Trick: syrup used to have cards appear on a bat
25 Card Cricket: another version
31 Magic Photography: an image of a thought of card appears on a photographic plate
39 A Transforming Card Table: design ideas
43 Dyeing Silks: version with a final flag production
49 Bunglo: amusing story of a lost magic sale, and Blendo described
54 Dyeing Silks Ne Plus Ultra: more silk magic and the dye tubes described
59 The Great Lemon: coin in Lemon
67 A Ring and an Orange; borrowed finger ring vanishes and is found in Orange
69 A Ring and a Dove: general description of a ring vanishing and being found with the ring tied around the neck of a dove
73 With a Watch: watch vanishes and is found in a glass
79 The Nest of Boxes: watch and rabbit vanish to be found in a nest of boxes
84 A New Method in the Smoke Trick: smoke collects in a covered glass vase
87 The Incorregible Cigars: cigars vanish from a bottle and appear back in a cigar box, while objects in the box are found in another box
97 A Super Rice Bowls Trick: using both styles of Rice Bowls
111 The Truth (?) about the Indian Rope Trick: How I Saw the Great Indian Rope Trick
112 Transit of Wine: ideas using the double walled liquid escape pitcher
118 The Recipe for Diamonds: production of diamonds
123 Off With His Head: Rope through the neck and more
128 An Extemporised Drum Production
134 Another Drum Load
136 Optical Delusion: wooden blocks change position when covered
143 The Power of Suggestion: a variation with letter blocks
146 A Message from Mars: a reply to a fortune appears in a previously empty glass frame
157 Marvellous Addition: mathematical addition trick
164 A Magic Spell: comedic rising cards with a mechanical box
171 Reading by Touch: card pocket index
172 Patriotic Drill: 3 red, 3 blue, and 3 white billiard balls magically mix
177 Flying Colours: similar effect, but with silks
182 On the Line - or The Congress of Ypres: version of Sympathetic Silks
185 Transposing Milk and Sugar
187 The Topsy Turvy Tea Table: another version with a mechanical jug
191 Under the Pillar Box: doll appears in a pillar shown empty
196 Tricky Tennis: tennis balls are magcially hit into a bag
201 Aerial Angling: catching a fish in the air
206 Hoffmann's Bullet Trick: a bullet is fired onto a ribbon
213 The Feast of Lanterns: production of Chinese lanterns
222 The Junior Feast of Lanterns
224 The Housing Problem: a stage sized house appearance
237 The Rajah's Pearls: separate pearls are instantly string in a glass
240 Aqua Vitae: bloom production
243 Squeezed to a Jelly, or, Good Enough to Eat: General description of a stage illusion
249 What Happened to Smith Minor: a stage illusion skit with a boy turning into a rabbit and more