Nemoto, Takeshi: Tokyo Trickery
©1967 Magic, Inc., ILL
Paper, comb-bound, 86 pages
Tokyo Trickery
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Comments: B&W Photo illustrated by the author.


3 Foreword (Takeshi Nemoto)
4 Word From the Master (Tenkai Ishida)

5 Chapter 1 Coin Vanishes
6 Basic Sleeving:
7 Turn Over Sleeve
8 Natural Vanish
10 Pinch Vanish
11 With a Handkerchief: two methods and an application
13 Cuffing: two methods

18 Chapter 2 Quick Tricks
18 Toss a Coin: heads or tails or vanish; two methods
20 Coin and Pen: vanish with aid of a pen
21 Ring On The Finger: ring is pulled off the finger

25 Chapter 3 Wrinkles
26 The Last Card Vanish; for cards up the sleeve
28 The Climax for the Coin Thru The Table: coin passes through handkerchief into glass
30 Pen Production: idea

33 Chapter 4 Routined Magic
34 Triumph Coins Thru Table: using non-US coins and some glasses
41 Spellbound: Nemoto's version
43 Flying Coin: Coins across
48 Cigar From Purse: with three wooden cigars
59 Psychological Loser (Daniel Dobson): poker deal routine
61 Ring on the Rope: finger ring and rope routine, with variation
70 The Japanese Classical Cups and Balls: Performed on the floor with bowl cups, a fan, silk balls, and final loads