Nelson, Robert: Sensational Mentalism Part Four
©1977 Mickey Hades
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 67 pages
Nelson: Sensational Mentalism Part Four
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Comments: the fourth of four volumes.


3 Foreword
4 Billet Reading Routine (Bob Nelson)
6 Perplexing Mindreading Routine (Bob Nelson)
11 Think Colorful (Bob Nelson)
12 Solid Thru Solid (Bob Nelson)
14 Enigma of Time (Bob Nelson)
17 Deceased Person Test (Bob Nelson)
18 Sensational Publicity Stunt (Bob Nelson)
19 Impromptu Prediction (Bob Nelson)
20 'Gypsy' Switch Utilized (Bob Nelson)
21 An ESP Miracle (Bob Nelson)
23 Fooling the Foolers (Bob Nelson)
26 Psychometry Reading (Maurice)
29 For Magician's Only (Bob Nelson)
30 Impromptu Coincidence (Maurice)
31 Key-R-Rect Prediction (Jay Michele)
32 Do It Yourself Duplication (Fred Kolb)
34 Out of This Universe - Outdone (Syd Bergson)
36 The Sub-Conscious (Gerald Kosky)
38 Poignant Perceptions (Holly F. Schramm)
40 Spiegelschrift (Tony Shiels)
41 The Sorcerer's Syllables (Duane G. Henry)
43 It's About Time (Joseph M. White)
44 The Threshold of Miracle (Al Mann)
48 Dr. D'S X-Ray-Ize (David M. Douglas)
52 A 'Bold' Center Tear - ESP (David M. Douglas)
54 An Opener with Nelson's Ghost Writer (Marko)
56 Reymont on Mentalism (Marc Reymont)
58 A Number Force (Al Mann)
60 Spirit Photography (Vic Perry)
61 Automated Telepathy (Vic Perry)
63 Mental Phenomena (Bob Tripp)
66 After - Thoughts