Nelson, Robert: Sensational Mentalism Part Three
©1972 Nelson Enterprises
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 66 pages

©1975 Mickey Hades
Nelson: Sensational Mentalism Part Two
(Sorry this is of Part 2 - It's the closest I have!)
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Comments: Part Three of Four volumes


3 Foreword
5 The Master Key Book Test (Jack Bastow)
7 She (Al Mann)
10 The Book-Nook Prophesy (Al Mann)
11 The Powers That Be (Al Mann)
12 The Paperback Mental Test (Amazing Maurice)
13 Design In Duplicate (Amazing Maurice)
14 A Timely Force (Syd Bergson)
15 The Psychic Touch (Norm Johnstone)
17 Twin Thoughts (Richard Lyn)
19 Heat Waves (Larry Thornton)
21 Simplex Book Test (Al Lacoste)
22 Fee-F1-Fo-Fum (Jerry Fulton)
23 Fantastic Double Esp Prediction (Bob Tripp)
26 Eventuality (Stephen Minch)
34 Framed Heart Wave Images (Warren Wexler)
37 Tarot Feature (David Ray)
39 A Closing Combination (Jack Dean)
43 Deciphering (Dirk Minnebo)
45 Inner-Most Secret (Arthur Setterington)
47 Sense-A-Symbol (Bob Mason)
48 Yesterday I Predicted (Warren Wexler)
50 Impromptu Gemini Minds (Max Abrams)
51 Silent Shock (North Bigbee)
52 Stunning Mentality (Henry Bohlen)
54 You Were There (Jack Dean)
58 The Esp Touch (James Swoger)
59 Three Mental Quickies (Steve Skomp)
60 Triple Cannister Prediction (Jerry Fulton)
62 Lux Fiat (John Sherwood)
65 Double Feature (Phil Goldstein)