Nelson, Robert: Sensational Mentalism Part 1
©1965 Nelson Enterprises
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 68 pages

©1974 2nd Edition, Micky Hades Enterprises, 64 pages
              Mentalism Part 1
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Comments: First of Four Volumes. From the preface: "It has long been my practice to (1) evaluate an effect or idea; (2) to discuss its merits and shortcomings with a select few I affectionately term my 'brain trus' - seek and consider their valued opinions and (3) by placing these thoughts into actual practice and getting first-hand audience reaction. There is no substitute for experience, which teaches that every routine must be properly conceived, executed presented and PROVEN before your peers. This text should give you a new perspective on mentalism, stimulating your thinking as to how to 'sensationalize' your presentations. If it does nothing more, it will have achieved its purpose. There are an abundance of ideas, little mental gems and subtle pieces of business scattered throughout the text that warrant assimilation, stepping stones to your greater success as an unusual entertainer. It has been said a million times that if the reader can get just one good workable idea from a book, he has made a good investment. I predict that every working mentalist, beghinner or old timer, will recognize and put into praqctice not one, but many workable routines, ideas and recorded thoughts."


3 Preface
5 A Penny for Your Thoughts (Bob Nelson)
6 New Concepts in Mentalism (Bob Nelson)
9 The Bold Approach (Bob Nelson)
17 Simplified Impromptu Billet Reading (Bob Nelson)
20 The Man With the Attache Case (Bob Nelson)
22 Minds Enrapport (Bob Nelson)
25 Two Minds in Unison (Bob Nelson)
28 The Phantom Mentalist (Bob Nelson)
30 A Phono-Tape Recorder Prediction (Bob Nelson)
33 An Experiment in ESP (Bob Nelson)
35 Psychic Cigarette Test (Bob Nelson)
37 Bob Nelson's Priceless Secret
41 Fu-TURE Prediction (FuManchu)
42 Registered Letter Prediction (Syd Bergson)
44 Russian Roulette (Alan Milan)
49 Super Slate Test (Alan Milan)
52 Master Mental Divination (Dr. H. Walter Grote)
54 Magazine Test (Syd Bergson)
55 Synonymous Thoughts (Bob Parrish)
57 Mnemonic-Touch Memory (Gerald Kosky)
60 Tips on the Blindfold (Philip Morris)
62 THINK STOP! (Bob Tripp)
64 A Tripp(LE) Prediction (Bob Tripp)
68 The Fabulous Phono-Tape Recorder Prediction (Bob Tripp)