Nelson, Robert A.: The Encyclopedia of Mentalism and Allied Arts
©1944 1st Ed, Robert A. Nelson, Nelson Enterprises, OH
Hardcover, 134 pages
Encyclopedia of
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Comments: Illustrated by Nelson Hahne. 2nd edition added two additional chapters (9 and 14). 2nd Printing 1945. 3rd Printing 1960. The most comprehensive book written on mentalism and psychic entertainment! Every phase is exhaustively covered in detail. Ultra modern mind reading routines for theater and club audiences, and for use on radio and TV. Including the author's own time proven master system of mind reading, practically every known method of entertainment is brazenly exposed. Easily applied and workable, these presentations apply to all types of audiences, whether for a mental interlude in your present program of a complete theater presentation. Each step is presented and analyzed for your immediate use. Included is Nelson Hahne's folio of even humorous pencil sketches portraying mentalism and its satellite characters.

Contents (Chapters Only):

5 Preface
9 Introduction (Harlan Tarbell)
11 Chapter I Divination of Yesterday
13 Chapter II Transition of Mentalism
16 Chapter III Mindreading Vs. Magic
19 Chapter IV Essential Requisites
22 Chapter V Methods of Mindreading
37 Chapter VI Master System of Mindreading
59 Chapter VII Radio Mentalism
70 Chapter VIII Hotel and Night Club Mindreading
75 Chapter IX Further Use of the Clip Board
88 Chapter X Hellstromism Experiments
90 Chapter XI Midnight Ghost Shows
93 Chapter XII Booking and Exploitation
99 Chapter XIII Psychic Tests
112 Chapter XIV Spiritualistic Table Lifting
116 Chapter XV Office Clairvoyance
121 Chapter XVI The Seance Room
125 Chapter XVII Astrology Thumb-Nail Sketches
128 Chapter XVIII The Horoscope Pitch
131 Chapter XIX Escape from the Ordinary
134 Chapter XX Recommended Books for Study