Nelson Robert: Comedy Mentalism Vol II
©1963 Nelson Enterprises
Softcover, 8x10.25", 62 pages

©1975 2nd Edition, Micky Hades, Calgary
Nelson Comedy Mentalism Vol 2
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Nelson: Comedy Mentalism Volume Two
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Comments: Tips, gags and routines to put laughs in a mental act. Listed on the content page are contributors: Bob Nelson, Gerald Kosky, Dr. Faust, Senator Crandall, Syd Bergson, Tommy Windsor, Karrell Fox, Bob Lynn, Sid Lorraine, The Amazing Maurice, George Johnstone, Alan Milan, Lois Lytle, Dave Dowds. Pages are printed one side only.

Contents (from book ToC):

3 Introduction (Bob Nelson)
4 Comedy, Bits, Blackouts and Lines (Bob Nelson)
10 Comedy Bits, Patter and Gags (Gerald Kosky)
11 Faust - Lines for Mentalists (Dr. Faust)
13 The Senator Explains ESP ('Senator' Crandall)
14 Comedy Lines (Syd Bergson)
16 Comedy Mathematics (Tommy Windsor)
18 Telephony (Karrell Fox)
20 The Flying Carpet and Adver-Mental (Bob Lynn)
22 Slip-Tease (Sid Lorraine)
24 Comedy Mental Effects (The Amazing Maurice)
26 Serious Thoughts on Mentalism ('Senator' Crandall)
28 Transition From Comedy (Bob Nelson)
30 Electronic Mindreader (George Johnstone)
33 Built-In Book Test and Lady Be Good (Alan Milan)
36 Meet Mystic Mary (Lois Lytle and Bob Nelson)
41 Electronic Thoughts (Dave Dowds)
44 It Actually Happened (Bob Nelson and Others)
53 Your Bonus of Serious Mentalism
54 - Insoluble Count Down (LaPaul and Parrish)
55 - More Than Coincidence ('Senator' Crandall)
58 - Booko (North Bigbee)
59 - Suggestible Psychics (Oran Bailey Dent)
61 The End