Nelson, Robert A: The Art of Cold Reading
©1951 R.A. Nelson; 1971/1989 Hades Publications
ISBN: 0-921298-18-8
Paper, 48 pages
The Art of Cold Reading


Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

2 Introduction
3 The Psychiatrist vs. The Cold Reader
4 The Cold Reader
8 The Client or Sitter

13 Part I
13 The Pattern of Life
16 Human Behavior and Its Reactions
18 The Average Person

20 Part II
20 The Client

23 Part III
23 Formula for Cold Readings
25 The Cold Reading
29 Supplemental Patter
33 Astrological Patter Lines
34 Factors That Upset the Normal Pattern of Life
37 Re-Actions and Back Tracking
39 The Technique of the Cold Reader Applied to the Stage Mentalist

40 Part IV
40 Caseing
41 Spiel for Caseing a Sucker

46 Supplement
48 Recommended Reference and Text Books for Further Study