Nelms, Henning: Magic and Showmanship, A Handbook for Conjurers
©1969 Henning Nelms, Dover Publications reprint 2000
ISBN 0-486-41087-0
Paperback, 320 pages
Magic and Showmanship
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments: A rare book almost entirely on the presentation of magic! Includes some tricks dispersed through the book for use as examples.

Contents: Chapter level only at this time.

1 Chapter 1 The Two Magics: tricks vs. illusions

19 Chapter 2 Deception vs. Conviction: developing suspension of belief

36 Chapter 3 The Measure of Meaning: magic and themes

50 Chapter 4 Who?: the conjuror's personality

63 Chapter 5 Making the Most of Assistants: making them significant

76 Chapter 6 Casting the Spell: creating the right atmosphere

89 Chapter 7 Mystery Without Magic: leveraging the edge of belief

101 Chapter 8 Providing the Proof: proving the phenomenon expressed by the magic

116 Chapter 9 Devices for Deception: "the art of illusion starts where the devices leave off"

130 Chapter 10 The Great Secret: work as if the theme were all true

141 Chapter 11 Eliminating Departures: getting rid of inconsistencies in your act

152 Chapter 12 Consistency In Characterization: make sure all your actions are consistent with your character

168 Chapter 13 Concealing Devices: surprise, etc.

178 Chapter 14 Controlling Attention: direction and misdirection

196 Chapter 15 Misdirection: taking attention away from an area

208 Chapter 16 Devising Illusions: effect, device, props, etc.

221 Chapter 17 Dramatic Structure: building structure in your routines

234 Chapter 18 Continuity: providing a clear picture of your routine

252 Chapter 19 Material for Entertainment: making a trick entertaining

265 Chapter 20 Words: thoughts on Patter

278 Chapter 21 Business: adding atmosphere, characterization, clarity, comedy, and drama

295 Chapter 22 The Performer and the Stage: positioning yourself and assistants on the stage

315 Routines: suggested

317 Index