Myers, Bob: Lecture Notes
©No Date, Bob Myers
Paper, stapled, 5.5x8.5, 10 pages
Bob Myers
              Lecture Notes
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Comments: Bob & Sandy America's Sparkling Illusion Team. "My Thanks to George Schindler for His Help in Putting this Lecture Together".


1 Betwixt: spectator's signed card cleanly turns over in the deck
3 Construction of the Special Card Case for Betwixt
5 Ribbon Flip Over Box: dove vanish
6 Glass of Wine Production: at any point in the act
7 A Spirit Nut Routine: Bob's approach
8 Out of This World With a Borrowed Deck: setup described, ending is not
9 Six Ball Climax for Cups and Balls: bold misdirection described
10 Card Ward for Stage: idea
10 French Drop Technique: making it look natural
10 Jumbo Coin Production: for any routine
10 Cleaning Your Coins: tip