Musson, Clettis: Minute Magic
©1953 Ireland Magic Co.
Paper, stapled, 36 pages
Minute Magic

Comments: A collection of over 30 short tricks and ideas.


2 Introduction
3 Magic Pop Corn: unpopped kernals in the hand are heated and turn to popped corn
3 Sugar from Bread: sugar is poured from a slice of bread
3 Tantalizing Tissue: A wad of paper turns to four, then a strip of paper
5 Flash Change: A stick thrown into the air instantly changes colors
6 Speedy Ring Vanish: Borrowed ring is vanished in the hand
6 Can You Do It? Spectator can't repeat red/green combination of chips
7 A Startling Production: 2 ft paper tree produced from handkerchief
9 Out of the Sugar Bowl: paper tree from glass of sugar
9 The Startling Cubes: Sugar cubes made to look like dice turn into them
10 Potato Production: Potato produced from handkerchief
10 It Can't Be! Pencil vanishes inside paper cone
11 See Thru Vision: Magician predicts numbers inside envelopes
12 Challenge Improved Ring and String Trick: Ring is placed on string under handkerchief
13 Tri Flight: Nickles and Pennies trade places inside two hats
14 A Real Twister w/variation: Nickles and pennies are mixed in two hats, then separate
15 Double Penetration: Coin is wrapped in a bill and the combo rapped on a book: the coin penetrates
16 From the Purse: A pipe (or other object not belonging) is removed from ladies purse
17 Diminishing Half Dollar: Half changes to quarter to nickle, to gone!
17 Impromptu Triple Transposition: Two thimbles, buttons, and coins are placed in front of glasses. One of each item is wrapped in a handkerchief and placed in the approprate glass. Objects change places
18 Change About: Coin and paper ball placed into hat, and one removed to pocket. Objects transpose
19 The Amazing Paper Balls: Ashes turn into paper balls, wherein a sponge ball type routine is performed
21 Making Money Fast: quarter changes to half in the hands
22 Multiplying Paper Balls: simple sponge ball type routine
23 Impromptu Transposition: Two slips of paper transpose
24 Double Your Money: Nickle changes to dime in the hand
25 Cup and Coin Penetration: Quarter dropped into cut penetrates bottom
27 Miracle Cut and Restored String: loop of string is cut and restored
29 Out of Thin Air: Miser's dream with a cigarette
29 One to Five: one to five cigarettes are produced from under a handkerchief
31 Making Money Backwards: Five dollar bill turns into a one
31 Olive Juggling: olive balances on fingertip
31 Floating Foolery: Two olives hold together in the fingers as if magnetized
32 A Cute Novelty: Colored strings pulled through cardboard exchange colors
33 It's Alive: Earthworm from handkerchief
33 Goldfish Phantasy: goldfish appears in glass of water
34 Salt or Pepper? Salt is produced from folded napkin
35 The Many Threaded Needle: A needle is threaded multiple times