Murray, Johnnie and Don Tanner: Coffee-Break Magic
©1968 Magic, Inc.
1st/2nd Edition Don Lawton
Paper, Saddle-Stitched, 14 pages
Coffee Break
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Coffee Break Magic
Image from Magicref

Comments: a variety of quick tricks and ideas.


3 Memento (Tanner): a miniature of the card selection appears between business cards
5 Three (Murray): three quick bits
5 - Knickerbocker Spirit Rapper: impromptu
5 - Cross and Hell Paper Tear: interesting finish (paper tear not described)
5 - Card Shark: gag
6 Borrowing Money (Tanner): IOU and dollar transpose
8 Moola Monte (Murray): a three card Monte with bills
9 Silk Extraction (Tanner): red silk removed from dollar bill
10 Card Stabbing Souvenir (Tanner): idea for a card stab souvenir
11 In Miniature (Tanner): variation of the 52-on-1 card
12 Odds and Ends (Murray): more ideas
12 - A: Square Circle suggestion for kid shows
13 - B: salting the selected card
13 - C: mental version of Seven Keys to Baldpate (confederate)
13 Escape (Murray): Paper letters are removed from string without damage
14 Impromptu Bullet Catch (Murray and Lu Brent): bullet wrapped in paper is lit, and finds card selection with a hole in it!