Murray, George: Professional 3D Multiplying Rabbits
Product by Nielsen Magic
3 pages; Routines by Nielsen Magic and Marvyn Roy; with prop

Comments [DA]: George Murray's Professional 3D Multiplying Rabbits provide great detail in a sponge rabbit, including sparkling eyes and a complete 3D sculptured look. The foam used is more dense than standard sponge balls, which may be a hindrance to some as the rabbits don't compress as well. The set includes 2 adult rabbits and 5 babies. I would have liked if a third adult were in the set, as this greatly increases routining. Two sets of instructions are provided. One by Nielsen Magic, and the other provides Marvyn Roy's Rabbit Habit routine.


1. Nielsen Magic: 1 single sided 8.5x11" typed page with line drawings to show sleight.

Effect: A mama and papa rabbit are shown. Magician takes one, and spectator takes other. The papa joins the mama in the spectator's hand. Spectator now holds both mama and papa, but when opening hand, finds an entire family of rabbits.

Method: explained

Bunny Care: How to store and wash.

2. Marvyn Roy's Rabbit Habit: Two sided 8.5x11" typed page with line drawings to show sleight. Resets for table hopping (pun intended?)

Effect: A "hare" is produced from the spectator's jacket. The rabbit vanishes from the hand and appears in the pocket. The magician offers to try again. Both hands are held in fists, and the spectator is asked to guess which hand holds Peter rabbit. Whichever hand is selected, magician opens hand and state's, "no, that Peter's friend, Peter is over here", opening other hand to reveal a 2nd rabbit. The magician takes one rabbit and places the other in the spectator's hand. He states that the spectator's rabbit will vanish and join his. This doesn't work, as the magician's rabbit has joined the spectator's. The magician places one rabbit in the pocket. He then makes a crease in the pocket and the rabbit comes through the pants pocket without making a hole. The rabbit is then placed into the spectator's hand along with the other rabbit. When opened, a rabbit family appears.