Mullica, Tom: Lecture Booklet Hawaii '83
©1983 by the author and Tom-Foolery, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia.
SoftBound with 24pages.
Mullica Hawaii Lecture
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Comments (Sparky): A GREAT book by one of the MASTERs OF COMEDY MAGIC!! Book measure's approx. 7 1/4"x9 1/2".

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

Chapter One: Cards
1 To Cull A Card
2 The Replacement Dodge
3 The Classic Force

Chapter Two: Coins
1 One-O-One
2 Cigarette Through Quarter Switch

Chapter Three: Great Endings
1 Victor's Eleven Card Trick
2 The Egg Bag
3 Christ's Four Ace Routine
4 Dice Stacking
5 Torn & Restored Card

Chapter Four: Instant Photography
Darkroom Souvenir

Chapter Five: Sight Gags
1 Wax Build-Up
2 Sight-Savers
3 Spectacle Cigarette
4 Smoke Ring
5 Gesundheit Rope
6 Cigarette Inhaling
7 Bless You!

Chapter Six: You've Heard It a Million Times
1 You Tell Me!
2 Do You Want ME to Tell You?
3 That Wasn't My Card!
4 I Forgot!