Mortimer, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine 1
Patter, Presentations, and Ideas
©1989 American Magic Company, Harrisburg, PA
Original Artwork by Dawn Gribb
Paper, comb-bound, 46 pages
Mortimer's Magic Magazine
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1 Title Page
2 Table of Contents
3 Editorial (Jim)
3 Why Mortimer? (Jim)
5 My Opening Routine (Bill Pryor)
8 Oops, Sorry! (Pierre Fontaine)
9 The Government Boo-Boo Bar (Doc Dougherty)
10 Theme Magic (Marc DeSouza)
11 Double Whammy ESP Cards (Oran Dent)
11 Inventing and Creating (Steve Dusheck)
13 Gagamania (Jim)
16 The Jolly Joker (Larry Baukin & Doc Dougherty)
17 Dealer Demo - Thumb Tip (Jim)
20 Creating Magic Jokes (Jim)
21 The Baseball Game (Larry White)
22 Magic Mist (Jim)
24 Rainbow Chips Mean Business (Gerry Jaffe)
25 Force Amonge Two (Jim)
26 Too Many Balls (Dan Tong)
27 Not Another Twisting Effect (Steve Brown)
28 Math Animal Hunter (Bill Pryor)
29 Triple Gag Bag Set (Steve Bender)
31 A Funny Magic Routine (Clint Riedel)
32 Silk Surprise (Martini)
34 Laws of Magic (Jim)
35 Leaving Early (Jim)
37 Magic Prop Make-Over (Martini)
39 Bonzo's Diet
42 It's A Little Known Fact (Jim)
43 Daffy Definitions (Jim)
44 Trick Braining (Jim)
46 Free Promotion Piece (Bill Pryor/Jim)