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Morrissey: Combination Chop Cups & Balls
Morrissey Magic Ltd., Canada
2 pages, 2 sided, with props 

Comments [DA]: The Morrissey Magic Combo Cups and Balls set comes in Large or Small size, in Aluminum or Copper. My set is Aluminum. The sets consist of one Chop Cup and two identical looking regular cups. While the cups are good for the price, there are a few shorcomings. The "top" of the inverted cup has only a very slight indent, allowing the balls to fall off easily. Also, there is not a lot of room between cups when nested, which is required for some routines. For a combo set, however, there are not many alternatives. The combo set comes with a four ball set, one ball is gimmicked for the Chop Cup. If you are going to purchase a set, the Copper Cups may be preferred. Although I have not seen them, the heavier weight is probably an improvement over the light aluminum cups. Two sets of instructions are provided: one for the Combo Set, and one for a stand alone Chop Cup (same as provided with Morrissey stand alone Chop Cups).


Part 1: Combo Set Instructions: 1 sheet 8.5x11" both sides, no illustrations.

Apparatus briefly explained
Basic Routine & Ideas:

Three cups begin stacked on the table. Cups are placed one a time mouth down on the table. One ball is placed on the top (bottom) of each cup. Ball is removed from middle cup and vanishes to reappear underneath the center cup. This is repeated with the ball over each cup. Then all three cups are lifted to show that all the balls have returned.

Ball is dropped into middle cup and cup is placed mouth down on the table. Left cup is tilted backward and ball is placed under the cup. Right cup is tilted backward and ball is placed under the cup so that one ball is under each cup.

Ball under middle cup will disappear and appear under either the left or right cup, spectator's choice. Middle cup is lifted to show no ball, selected cup is lifted to show two balls.

Ball is placed back under middle cup. This time the ball travels to the other cup.

One ball is dropped into middle cup and poured into the right hand. Middle cup is placed mouth down on the table, ball in hand is placed on top. Second cup is placed mouth down over the middle cup. The cups are tapped, and the ball is seen to penetrate the cup.

Top cup is taken off bottom cup (Slide move described) and tabled. Ball is placed on top of the cup just tabled, and the other cup placed on top of all. Again the ball penetrates, and the top cup is lifted off the bottom cup. The remaining two balls then penetrate as well.

Various hints are provided for going into a chop cup routine (also included with set) and for loading the regular cups for a Chop Cup climax. Also recommends Mendoza's Cups & Balls Routine and Sequel to the Mendoza Routine, both utilizing a combo set of cups & balls.

Part 2: Chop Cup: 1 sheet 1/2 size page, single sided

Routine: Cup is turned upside down to drop out a ball. The ball is placed in the pocket and the cup lifted to show that it is empty. The cup is lifted again to show the ball has transferred from the pocket to the cup. The ball is dropped into the cup and rolled into the hand, where it is once again placed in the pocket. Again the ball transfers to the cup. Ball is rattled in the cup, then placed in the pocket. Once again, the ball returns to the cup. Ball is placed into the cup, rolled into the hand, and again placed in the pocket. Once more, the ball returns to the cup. The ball is placed into the pocket for a final time, the cup is lifted, and a large object appears instead!