Morris, S. Brent: Magic Tricks, Card Shuffling and Dynamic Computer Memories
©1998 The Mathematical Association of America
ISBN 0-88385-527-5
Paper, perfect-bound, 148 pages
Magic Tricks Card Shuffling and Dynamic Computer Memories

Comments: A very technical treatise on Card Shuffling featuring the Faro Shuffle and is full of mathematics, but includes some tricks as well!


XI Author's Preface
xv Acknowledgments
xvii Introduction

1 Chapter 1 The Perfect Shuffle
2 The Origina of the Perfect Shuffle
8 The Faro Dealer's Shuffle
12 A Mathematical Model of the Perfect Shuffle
15 The Stay-Stack Principle
16 Trick - The Seekers (Paul Swinford)

23 Chapter 2 The Order of Shuffles
24 The Order of Shuffles
28 The Product of Shuffles
31 Moving a Card in a Deck
32 Trick - A Spelling Bee

39 Chapter 3 Shuffle Groups
40 Randomizing a Deck of Cards
42 Shuffles and Cuts in Even Decks
43 Shuffles and Cuts in Odd Decks
45 Out and In Shuffles in an Even Deck
48 Trick - A Challenge Poker Deal

53 Chapter 4 Generalilzing the Perfect Shuffle
54 Out Shuffling Several Packets of Cards
57 Looking for a Neat Formula
59 Permutation Matrices
60 Generalizing Theorems
67 Generalized Shuffle Groups
68 Generalizing the In-Shuffle
70 Trick - The Triple Seekers

77 Chapter 5 Dynamic Computer Memories
79 The Shift-Register Memory
80 Data Accessing Algorithm for a Shift-Register Memory
82 The Perfect-Shuffle Memory
85 The Shift-Shuffle Memory
87 Details, Details, Details
87 The Perfect-Shuffle Memory for N-2n
93 Random Accessing Algorithm for a Perfect-Shuffle Memory
94 Sequential Accessing in a Perfect-Shuffle Memory of Size N-2n
96 Properties of Tours
101 Epilogue
101 Trick - Unshuffled (Paul Gertner)

107 Appendix 1 The Order of Shuffles

111 Appendix 2 How to Do the Faro Shuffle
111 The Double or Ordinary Faro Shuffle
118 The Triple Faro Shuffle

125 Appendix 3 Tours on Decks of Size 8, 16, 32 and 64

131 Appendix 4 A Lagniappe
131 The Book of Theorems
135 The Mathematition, the Psychic, and the Magician
138 A Contant Function

139 Bibliography: Selected Perfect Shuffle References