Mogar, Joe: Mogar's Miracle Knife Routine
Published by Joe Mogar
6 page manuscript. Comes with 4 knife set. 

Comments [DA]: The Mogars Miracle Knife Routine comes with a four knife set: white, red, gimmicked, and visible chameleon knife, as well as a vinyl holder for the knifes. The routine is very good. The knives are well made and are designed to perform the color change move very well. The knives can be opened for those routines that require this. The instructions are provded on 6 8.5x11" pages, stapled. The first three pages are the Miracle Knife Routine, and the second three pages are the moves explained. Highly recommended. (See images of Mogar Knives on the color changing knives pages)


Mogars Miracle Knife Routine:

Effect: A red knife is shown plainly on both sides. The blade is opened and closed as both sides are shown. The knife is pushed through the fist and nothing happens. It is pushed through again, and changes to white, but only partially. One end is white, but the other end is still red! The thumb is rubbed over the knife and it is changed back to red. The knife is pushed into the fist. A white knife is removed from the pocket and the other hand is opened to reveal the red knife has disappeared. The white knife is changed to red and back again. The red knife is removed from the pocket to join the white knife in the left hand. The hand is closed and the red knife is removed. The audience is asked which knife is where? The knives are found to have changed places. This is repeated, with the white knife going into the pocket. They change places again, and can be examined.
Requirements and Set Up: explained
Method: explained in detail
Important Tips: hints on presentation, and suggestion for a Grand Climax using a jumbo knife available from Joe Mogar

Mogar's Chameleon Knives Major Moves

The Master Twist: variation of standard move
The Push Thru: through the fist
The Push Thru Change: as above, with a color change
The Push In Vanish: knive pushed into fist vanishes
The Twirl Change: a change flourish
A page of line drawings showing the details