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Minch, Stephen: Spectacle
A Compilation of Modern Wonders
©1990 L&L Publishing
Illustrated by Sandra Kort
Hardcover, 168 pages
Image from Denis Behr

Comments: Each effect starts with an introduction to the magician, a nice touch. Well written, and some good magic. Recommended.


1 Chapter One: Cards
3 The Cinderella Card Stab (Lisa Menna): Two cards are selected, signed, and replaced in the deck. Deck is spread on the floor, and the magician steps on the cards, impaling a card on her spiked heel: selected card #1. She then removes her other shoe and discovers inside selected card #2!
9 The Tsunami Card Rise (Rudy Coby): An impromptu rising card
15 Deadlier Than the Male (Geoff Latta): Two red queens vanish from the top of the deck and reappear, with the selected card between them. Queens are placed face up, selection back to the middle. They vanish again and are found in the middle, with the selection between them. For the third trial, the selection if placed near the top of the deck, the Queens near the bottom face up and sticking out. They are seen to step up the deck, and are removed with the selection between them. Demanding (Hofzinser spread pass, side slip color change, two handed pass)
27 Baby Face (David Regal): A card is revealed by a flipbook of baby pictures
31 The Face Up Rub-A-Dub-Dub Vanish (Jay Sankey): A card is rubbed into the table vanishes
35 Color (Re)Set (Louis Falanga):Eight cards shown: four red backed jokers and four blue backed jokers. Blue backed cards are shown, and turn red one at a time, and then back to blue. When the red backed cards are turned over, they have turned green! (Elmsley and Two and Four counts)
41 Never the Twain Shall Mix (Ray Kosby): Four Red and Four Black are chosen by the spectator. He gives you the four he doesn't want. One by one you alternate placing a card on the magician's hand. When turned over, the cards have separated!
45 The Coffin Change (Ray Kosby): A signed card instantly vanishes from atop a card case and appears inside it.
51 A Case of Mistaken Identity (Bill Goodwin): Signed card placed in card case, four kings placed on top. They suddenly transpose. (Turnover pass)
55 The Double Lift Pass (Richard Kaufman): Pass from middle to specific top position while showing top and bottom cards.
59 Economy Flight (David Solomon): Four Aces tranpose with three kings
63 On Call (Paul Cummins): Cut to the Aces, at the end the deck is left undisturbed

69 Chapter Two: Coins
71 Counterfeiter's Spellbound (Tommy Wonder): Spellbound Silver to copper changes with two halves using the explanation that the coins are counterfeit. (C/S) Resets.
77 From the Elfin Hoard (Geoff Latta): Three coins vanish and reappear in the hands. Performed standing. (shell)
85 Elbow, Knee and Neck (Daryl): Three silver dollars are dropped into spectator's hands. They are removed and placed in the left fist. With each sqeeze of the hand, one coin appears at the elbow, one at the knee, and the last at the back of the neck. Only three silver dollars used.
89 Limbo in China (David Roth): A You Do As I Do routine. Performer and spectator each place three Chinese coins on a chopstick. The coins are seen to slide smootly on each. Magician seperates the coins, raises the stick, and his coins remain separated, while the spectator's fall. This is repeated with two, then coins and sticks are exchaged, and repeated with one.
95 Spinning Silver (Peter Samelson): a coin is "mined" from the air (backclip)

101 Chapter Three: Close Up Miscellany
103 Confessions of a Bubble-Gum Addict (Mike Montgomery): A hand puppet chews a stick of gum and blows bubbles. The hand is seen empty at the end.
109 Carbon Copy (Jeff McBride): Torn and restored paper applied to credit card receipts
111 The New Theory Chop Cup (Finn Jon): A combination of Chop cup and Multiplying Balls ideas to provide an examinable Chop Cup and ball. Not a full routine.
115 The Sicillian Defense (Rocco Silano): a small toy gun cap is thrown in the air and a knife stabbed at it. After several failures, the cap finally goes off.
119 Firefly (Michael Rubinstein): A match box is shown, and the cover vanishes to be found in the pocket. The cover then penetrates the hand, and finally, the match box vanishes completely.
127 Lingering Illusion (Jay Sankey): Post cards are shown. One is placed in an envelope, and four holes are punched in it. The post card is restored.

133 Chapter Four: Mentalism
135 The Janus Predictions (Ray Grismer): Written predictions come true: selected coin out of a handful, coin left after a heads/tails game, and a cents amount after another random elimination.
139 Hitchhiker (Gary Lee Williams): A strip of newspaper is cut several times, and the final top line cut is read and found to match a prediction
145 Lasting Impression (Jay Sankey): A mark made in a lumb of playdoh duplicates itself on a lump still in the can.
149 The Hand That Speaks (Jonathan Pendragon): Spectator with black marble (other 8 have white marbles) is pointed out by the severed (rubber) hand

155 Chapter Five: Stage
157 The Astaire Change (James Dimmare): Scarf changes color, then a cane is produced from it.
165 Solid State Salt Pour (Rick Anderson): Salt is poured into the hand, and then vanishes. After being shown empty, salt is poured from the fist almost endlessly.