Minch, Stephen: Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler
The Conditionally Guaranteed Magic of Daryl
©1980 The PR Press
Photo illustrated
Pamphlet, stapled in Green wrap; 115pp, 5.5x8.5 inches
Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler
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Comments (DrDanny): A classic. This book is almost as much fun as seeing Daryl in person. Fine writing by Minch, and highly recommended. Each chapter includes handling and presentation details that really make a difference. No gaffs, all impromptu, seated or standing. Get it, if you can find an affordable copy. (You may need to refine your definition of affordable.) Final comments: I can't overstress this - as good as the effects themselves are, it's the thinking behind the methods (and Minch's explanations) that makes this book worth finding.


5 Introduction: The Puerto Rican Gambler Unmasked: an essay on Daryl's philosophy of improvising within structured routines - the "conditional" of the title.
13 The Boomeranging Card of Mystery: Daryl's handling of the classic tossed-card-caught-in-deck-locates-selection. All the details that make this chestnut such a joy to behold when Daryl does it.
29 Variation One The Chicago Conspiracy: variation #1 of previous effect, this time without the tossing.
33 Variation Two Quick Silver: variation #2, locator card is replaced by a coin.
38 Holding On!: Daryl does Alex Elmsley's Between the Palms with the (now-common?) kicker: the misses change to match the selection. Worth studying.
54 The Puerto Rican Triumph: another classic, with the now-famous topsy-turvy cutting display sequences. You decide if it's over-proving or not.
70 The Mysterious Cross of India An Interlude and Lecture: a coins-across effect with deceptively simple method, and perhaps the most important lesson in the book.
81 In the Pinch: selected card grabbed in mid-air as spectator dribbles a packet. This is so good that Martin Nash used it for years.
88 Conditional Variations Just Tweezing: conditional handling variations of In the Pinch
94 Conditional Assembly: a nicely constructed four ace assembly done with A,2,3,4D.
105 Twisted Aces Redivivus: corrected/improved from the version in "Paul Harris Reveals..." It looks good when Daryl does it, really!