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Minch, Stephen: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Four
1985 NY Magic Symposium & Adam J. Fleischer
Illustrated by Marina Trayham
Hardcover, 119 pages
NY Magic Symposium 4
Image from Denis Behr

Comments: There are 6 volumes in the NY Magic Symposium collection. The books include material submitted by participants in the symposium, held in the 1980's. Although most of the material is close up magic, there are a few stage and parlor type items. While there are contributions from some of the best in magic, the contributions in most cases don't represent the cream of the crop. In my view, the later volumes seem to have higher quality material than the earlier volumes, but admittedly, I have not gone through each effect in detail. Each volume has some good material, though, and represents an interesting look at magic in the 80's. The last volume was to be Collection #6, but instead was published as Spectacle, by Stephen Minch.


6 Author's Introduction (Stephen Minch): essay on the event, the innovative performers
9 Advertisement for NYMS in Los Angeles, CA
10 Poster reproduction featuring Jeff McBride
12 Application form for NYMS
14 Essay (Adam Fleischer): More about the Symposium
15 1985 Magic Symposium Highlights: short introductions of each magician
18 The $10,000 Magic Entertainer of the Year Competition
21 Looking Back: the 1984 NYMS in San Francisco & NY: photos and tidbits

30 A Cut & Restored Rope Replacement (Michael Ammar): a smooth method for bringing up the end as the middle
32 Volte-Face (Daryl): spectator calls any four of a kind, which are removed from the deck. Spectator cuts face own pack, and foursome is buried at that spot. With a snap of the fingers, the deck is spread to reveal the four of a kind reversed in the deck
35 The Tallahassee Tent (Paul Harris): a two card transposition using ungimmicked cards and beginning with the story of the Bermuda Triangle
38 The Great Sugar Swindle (Pat Hazell): Finger ring is borrowed and vanished, and magician offers three sugar packets as consolation. A small game of sugar pack Monte is played, with one of the sugar packs squeaking. The squeaker is finally removed from the pocket, but even it doesn't squeak. Finally, one packet is selected and skewered on a pen, on which is found the borrowed ring!
41 The Flying Flourish Cut (Pat Hazell): three versions of this fancy cut, with increasing difficulty
43 Vacillation (Richard Kaufman): a card is chosen from the center of the deck and left there. The outer end is riffled, and the selection pops out, but has shrunk! Six changes now occur in growing and shrinking.
50 Necktie Party (Jeff McBride): the well dressed magician removes his bow tie and ties it into a knot. It suddenly unties itself, is tossed into the air, vanishes, and reappears on the neck
53 Twice the Tithe (David Roth): a half dollar is shown and a piece broken off. When the piece is shown, it is seen to be a dime! The dime is balanced on the half. waved over, and the half is restored.
55 And Paint the Roses Red (David Roth): An English Penny is shown and painted with a paint brush where it turns into a half dollar.
56 Coniunctio Traiectio Disiunctio (Amalgamation, Transposition, Separation): Two halves shown in one hand, English Penny in the other. The Coins begin to transpose as the English Penny moves but the halves turn into a silver dollar. The process is reversed, as the coins transpose with the dollar splitting back into two halves.
58 Bit by Bit (Jay Sankey): a rising card effect with a difference. A card is chosen and signed by the spectator. The deck is riffled and the card will rise, but the alien signature doesn't come with it. The deck is riffled again, and part of the signature now rises with the card. A third time, and the entire signature is present, and the card is given away
62 Descartes Meets the Pop Outs (Jay Sankey): a difficult but satisfying production of 4 coins at the close up table using Roth's Pop Out move
65 The Invisible Tailor (Slydini): a button is "borrowed" from a spectator's jacket and restored with an invisible needle and thread
70 Contrary Himber (Harry Anderson): idea for securing a Z-fold Himber wallet for casual handling by the spectator
72 Telepathy Plus Woman (Leslie Anderson): Three billets handed to 3 spectators. One writes 2 digits, one write word, third writes a time. Magician determines the content and subject of each billet, and each billet is returned to the originator as they are completed.
77 In the Shadow of the Synchronous: several 3x5 cards are distributed, and each person writes a number from 1 to 52 on one. Completed cards are dropped in clear fishbowl. Spectator writes name of any card on paper. One of the number cards is chosen and read, and name of card is read. Deck is dealt to that number, to reveal the matching card
79 Dartanian's Release (John Cornelius): sort of a ring off rope performed almost impromptu with little sword swivel sticks found at the bar
81 Just One More (Paul Cummins): The trick done, the magician puts the deck in the case and tables it. With requests to continue, the deck is suddenly back in the hands
84 Jazz Fusion (Louis Falanga): Four Aces on table. Four Jokers shown. One Joker face down on lead Ace. One other Ace placed with remaining Jokers. Ace and Joker transpose. This is repeated with 2nd Ace. Last Ace is placed under spectator's hand with 3 Jokers, but multiple cards transpose as spectator finds all 4 Aces.
88 The Camel's Back (Goodwin & Kosby): wrapper from drinking straw is stripped and handed to spectator, who rips it up and rolls it in a ball. Magician first restores the wrapper, then restores it on the straw!
92 The Zoellner Phenomenon (Ray Hyman): a knot is tied in a cord whose ends are held. Includes an extensive true storyline about Johann Carl Friedrich Zoellner, who was researching the "fourth dimension"
97 The L.J. Add On (Larry Jennings): The LJ add on move as an alternative to the Braue sequence. First handling is a version of "the four robbers", in which four Jacks are dispersed through the deck but jump to the top when the police arrive. Second handling is an Ace Assembly
101 Half Passe Histed (Ken Krenzel): Card is peeked at and the cards are dropped in the performer's pocket. When remove, he peeked card is now reversed in the deck. This is repeated.
104 Point Blank (Latta & Swiss): Card is chosen and lost in the deck. The face up deck is waved and the face card turns into the 3 of Clubs, but this is the wrong card. Next the center pip is pinched off and the 3 becomes a 2, but this is still wrong. The two pips are pushed together to form an Ace: still wrong. The pack is rubbed, but all the faces vanish, leaving it blank. "Ink" is applied to the pack by tapping a pen, and the chosen card appears with the test of the deck faces. Deck may now be used.
111 Blotched (Lisa Menna): card is selected, a sticker placed on, and signed. The pen is now used to make a Rorschach ink blot on a paper. Magician tries to read blot to discern card, but fails. The card is searched in the deck, but is gone. Another blot is tried, but now the pen won't write. When opened, the signed & marked card is found inside.
116 S'No Ball (Turk Pipkin): ping pong ball tossed in the air suddenly vanishes, an no sleeves or topits are used
118 Mount of Venus (Gary Lee Williams): Clear tube with screw on cap is placed on spectator's palm with a ball inside. Although the performer's hand never touches the apparatus, the ball moves inside the tube. No magnets.