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Minch, Stephen & Adam Fleischer: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Three
1984 NY Magic Symposium & Adam Fleischer
135 pages, hardcover, 8.5x11"
NY Magic Symposium 3

Comments: There are 6 volumes in the NY Magic Symposium collection. The books include material submitted by participants in the symposium, held in the 1980's. Although most of the material is close up magic, there are a few stage and parlor type items. While there are contributions from some of the best in magic, the contributions in most cases don't represent the cream of the crop. In my view, the later volumes seem to have higher quality material than the earlier volumes, but admittedly, I have not gone through each effect in detail. Each volume has some good material, though, and represents an interesting look at magic in the 80's. The last volume was to be Collection #6, but instead was published as Spectacle, by Stephen Minch.


1 Title page
2 Ad for Kaufman and Greenberg books
3 Ad for Earl Nelson's West Coast Quarterly and Video Workshop
6 Photo of Wild Man Wild! Bob Little
7 Ad for Sterling Magic items
8 Welcome by Adam Fleischer
9 The Symposium Story by Fleischer
12 Profiles: Adam Fleischer, Stan Allen, Joe Delion, Derek Dingle, John Ferrentino, Richard Kaufman, Harry Lorayne, Vito Lupo, Jeff McBride, Tom Mullica, Bob Read, David Roth, Michael Weber, Bro. John Hamman, Martin Nash
18 Clinics: information
19 Nothing Much to Say by Joe DeLion: poem
20 The State Of The Art in Magic 1984 by Adam Fleischer: essay
21 Ad for Fantasio
22 Compared to What? by Max Maven: Magic and thievery
23 My View by Harry Lorayne: on magic
24 A Look at Magic, 1984 and Beyond by Michael Ammar: essay
26 State of the Art, 1984 by Jay Sankey: essay
28 In My Own Words: Jeff McBride. Mime Magician. Essay
30 Special Thanks
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36 Ad for NY Magic Symposium collections 1-3

1 New York Magic Symposium Collection Three
9 Introduction by Adam Fleischer

11 Part I 1984 Performers
12 The Lie Detector Case (Bro. John Hamman): a card viewed by the audience appears inside the card case
16 The Phoenix Four (Bro. John Hamman): four cards selected & returned vanish and are discovered face up at the end of four packets
19 Ringing the Change (David Roth): ringing the Liberty bell on the back of a half dollar
21 Revised Chop Cup Routine (David Roth): update of 1977 lecture notes routine. Performed seated. A ball is rolled out of the chop cup. It is then dropped back in the cup, and poured back out again. The ball is now vanished, but is found underneath the mouth down cup. The ball is removed, where it vanishes again and is again under the cup. The ball is now dropped into the cup and rolled out. The performer's fist is placed on top of the inverted cup, and the ball on top of the fist. The cup and had are lifted to show nothing underneath, then brought down sharply and the ball penetrates the cup again. The ball is placed into the pocket, but transfers back under the cup. The ball is vanished once again. When the cup is lifted, the ball has changed colors! The new ball is vanished., and a large ball appears under the cup. Finally, a 2nd large ball is produced.
25 Cigarette Tear (Jeff McBride): Stand up torn & restored cigarette
31 Cigarette Extravaganza (Jeff McBride): cigarette production with rolling paper, flash paper, and more, with a vanish at the end
36 The Rainbow Deck (Derek Dingle): Spectator picks card out of blue backed deck. He is told it is a unique backed card, but turns out to be blue backed. All the other cards are now shown to all have unique backs.
40 Hands Off (Derek Dingle): a small hand takes a borrowed small coin but leaves a larger coin in its place
42 Egg Bag Finale (Tom Mullica): glass and beer production
43 One O One (Tom Mullica): Penny and Silver dollar exchange places in spectator's hand. When they protest, they find the penny is the size of the silver dollar. Next the performer's finger penetrates the Silver dollar. Finally, the silver dollar sized penny grows even larger!
46 Buster (Michael Weber): Pencil visibly and audibly snaps in two while sitting in a plastic cup
47 Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (Martin Nash): card gambling demo
52 The Face Up Incredible Card Tunnel (Richard Kaufman): Two blank cards turn to two selections as they are tunneled through the deck
58 Pinched Again (Richard Kaufman & Piet Forton): two decks of contrasting colors in a variant of Daryl's In The Pinch
61 Handkerchief Through Glass (Bob Read): Handkerchief penetrates handle of coffee mug
64 Topsy Turvy Finely Finished (Joh Ferrentino): an ending for the Topsy Turvy Bottles using silks
67 Poker Challenge (Harry Lorayne): poker deal
70 Remarkable (Jay Sankey): production of 3 magic markers

73 Part II Guest Contributors
74 1984 Tom Ogden: four Club cards change to Hearts following a story line of Orwell's 1984, then they all turn back to Clubs
81 Triple Whammy (Doug Bennett): Selected card lost in deck. Joker with missing corner is inserted into deck and finds the selection. Suddenly Joker is found to be intact, and the selection is missing a corner. The corner piece has also changed from matching the Joker to matching the selected card
83 Scoop Displacement Coin Vanish (Tom Gagnon): for magician's only coin vanish performed by scooping a coin with a card
88 Scoop Displacement Coin Change (Tom Gagnon): as above, but used as a switch
90 Coin Nection (Steve Dusheck): coin selection prediction routine using cleverly prepared props
93 Piano Concerto (Terry Lagerould): a version of ht Piano Card Trick
96 Sans Fronds (Phil Goldstein): a sandwiched selection transposes with a card in the performer's pocket
100 Alloy Division (Ben Harris): borrowed coin is torn apart and restored, then repeated but each half is restored to a whole, resulting in two coins
103 Cooking With Oil & Water (Ray Kosby): Ray's Oil and Water routine
106 Post Hoc Miracle (Ken Krenzel): Spectator thinks of a card in one half the deck, it ends up in the other half of the deck.
109 Han Ping Cup Move (Fabian): coin sleight adapted to cups & balls
111 The Trick That Never Was (Joe Safuto) cigarette routine combines Chink a Chink, restoration, and a sealed container with a time travel theme
115 The Laced Coin (Sol Stone): Chinese coin penetrates string held by spectator
118 A Suit With a Future (J.K. Hartman): combo of Jennings' Your Best Suit and Mullica's The Future Spread card routine with Jokers
121 Hoover Cards (Michael Gerhardt): Novel routine spectator's card is found inside a toy vacuum cleaner
123 Any Reel Locking Reel (Fantasio): How to convert any reel to a locking reel without damage
125 Full Value (Roger Klause): two half dollars are extracted from a dollar
132 Counting On It (Paul Cummns): spectator names a number and when count, they have counted to their own previously selected card