Minch, Stephen: For Your Entertainment Pleasure - Magic by Daryl
©1982, Daryl / Magical Publications
Dave Grenewetzki, illustrator
Pamphlet, stapled in heavy tan wrap; 90 pages, 5.5x8.5 inches
For Your Entertainment Pleasure

Comments (DrDanny): A worthy follow-up to 1980's "Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler." And like that book, much of the value here is in the thinking that went into Daryl's presentations. Don't pass this one by just because you think you know all these tricks. As a bonus, there are finessed versions of several standard moves sprinkled throughout. I liked SPRG better, but only by a little. Highly recommended.


1 Forward: by Jon Racherbaumer
5 Prefatory Harangue: In Praise of the Lowly Flourish - An introductory essay
11 Peter Rabbit Hits the Big Time: Daryl's sponge rabbit routine, using the cheap Adams set. This is a classic for a reason.
18 The High-priced Spread: an improptu packet-trick, greatly enhanced by a one-handed(!) Ascanio Spread. Yes, it can be done.
24 Rising Crime: standard plot (The Four Robbers), well thought out. Not difficult, and it plays much better than it reads.
33 Future Acethetics: three selections locate three Aces, which match a previous prediction. (cf European Aces in Garcia's Super Subtle Card Miracles.) Impromptu, and worth study if only for the oh-so-clever force used.
42 Sleightly Touched: spectator shuffled deck, you produce two cards that identify (suit and value) of a card previously reversed in the deck. That sounds weak, but the routine is strong.
48 Conditional 2nd Climax (for Sleightly Touched): produces the card that _would_ have been predicted had the two locators appeared in the opposite order.
51 Silver Anniversary: A Mammonistic Respite (next two coin tricks)
51 Twogether Again: coin in each hand, one travels invisibly to join the other (seated)
55 The Coinditional Coin Game: copper-silver transpo, must be seated
62 The Out-of-Body Experience: sandwich effect: signed selection appears between two isolated cards
69 The Snowshoe Sandwich: this time the selection visibly shoots out of the deck after a flashy one-hand cut, to be caught between the sandwich cards. Spectacular!
80 The Transubstantiated Travelers: Aces in classic T-formation, three of them change to spector's selections, while the Aces travel invisibly to join the leader (a la Open Travelers). Wow!