Minch, Stephen: By Forces Unseen - The Innovative Card Magic of Ernest Earick
(1993) Hermetic Press
Illustrated by Kelly Lyles
Hardback; Pages: 206
By Forces Unseen

Comments (Andrew Loh): This is a card magic book that dedicated to advanced serious card sleight workers! Most of the card materials are not easy to do but they are very visual. Absolutely not suitable for beginners. If you are looking for visual card magic and ready for taking the challenge of learning the card sleights taught in this book, I think you will like this book.


v Apologia

3 Part One: Tight Tricks and a Loose Sleight
3 Claptrap
15 Proteus
27 JackSyna(ps)ces
45 Lonely at the Top
53 House Guest
63 The Longitudinal Swivel Steal
72 Thought Manifest
81 Bureau d'Echange
91 Kato-nine-tails
102 Yours Mine Yours
111 Alone in a Crowd
119 A Flippant Triumph
125 Bottomland Aces

141 Intermission:
141 Double Damned

153 Part Two: See Them Shuffling Along
153 Cross Purpose
165 Lustig for Life
173 One Shuffle - One Winner
178 Poker Blind
182 Tandem in One
192 The Case of the Inconstant Player
199 A Little Bit Patter

205 Index of Sleights