Miller, Justin: Huh?
©2005 Justin Miller, Close Up Artist Productions
eBook, Pages: 70

Comments (Alex Rossi): 2005 Lecture Notes. Note: Used to be available as an e-book from Justin's website, but that site seems to be gone (Nov 2009)


5 Miller Cases Dancy – His variation of Luke Dancy’s Advertise This. Joker inside the card box transposes with selection
10 Flushed Again - A card is selected and returned to the deck. Then the magi brings out four blank cards and as he rubs the face of each one help determine the selection, and the last card turns into the selection! Then, the spectator sees a fifth card in play, the magi turns over the cards in his hand….their a Royal Flush
14 Another Rule of Five – Five cards are shown to the spectator, he is asked to think of one. Then the magi takes one card from the packet and places it in his pocket, the spectator then states the name of the card he remembered. Then the magi reaches into his pocket and pulls out…the Queen of clubs, which is not the card. But the magi then turns over the 4 other cards and they are all Queen of Clubs!
18 Silver Dream – A beautiful 3 coin vanishing sequence
22 Brothers Unite – A 3 coin appearing and vanishing sequence
19 Card Men Don’t Do Coins – 4 coins in the hand “melt” through the top of the magi’s hand
33 Trapped in China – Visible Copper/Silver Transposition, using plastic coin sleeves
39 Seal-a-feign – A signed coin is visually pushed through, and pulled out, of a deck of playing card’s cellophane! Then for the final phase it vanishes and reappears inside a SEALED deck of cards!
46 Coin-ivorous – A coin purse is shown with three half dollars inside. Then comes out a Chinese coin that is said to eat other coins, one by one it eats every single one! But the half dollars are not totally gone, they are actually under the coin purse!
52 Keyed-Up – A drawn key appears on the back of a selection, is “popped” off and a real key lands in their hand!
56 Chasing Ackerman’s Back x3 – 3 selections are made and lost. Four jacks are shown and then they all turn blank! Then visually it is seen to be only 3 cards, the selections!
60 Royal Find – The black kings go in the back pocket and the red fours are on the table. A selection is made and lost back into the deck. Then each four visually vanishes one by one, and reappear in the center with a card in between them, the selection! Then the deck is give to the spectator to hold, after some byplay, the selection has vanished and reappeared in between the black kings in the back pocket!
65 Second Print – A double blank card visually gets a back design, and then visually a card appears on it’s “face”…actually the signed selection!