Miller, Jule L: Three Dozen Tricks with the Dock Haley Svengali Deck
Complete with Spiritual Applications
©1986, no publisher listed
56pg, Paper
Dock Haley Svengali Deck

Comments: This book was designed to be used with the Dock Haley Svengali Deck, which is a Svengali deck of cards using Biblical symbols such as Bread, Fish, and so forth. The "key" card is a picture of Jesus. While I'm not personally crazy about pictures of Jesus (we don't know what he looked like), I do recognize that the general image that usually portrays Christ is fairly well recognized. You are not limited to using this book with the Haley deck, however. With a standard Svengali deck, you can simply state that the key card represents Jesus. It may help if the key is an Ace of Hearts or something similar. A few effects do rely on the other symbols used in the Haley deck, so of course these effects would be harder to represent with a standard Svengali deck.

Contents: The description of the effect is followed by the spiritual application in parenthesis

3 Introduction by Dock Haley
4 The Dock Haley Bible Symbol Svengali Deck: How and Why it Works
4 To Force the Jesus Card
5 Cutting the Deck
5 The False Mix
5 The False Shuffle
6 How to Introduce the Dock Haley Bible Symbol Svengali Deck to Your Audience: Introduction using one deck. Switching Decks.
6 1. All Together: Three spectators all choose the same Jesus Card. (Many congregations but one Church; Jesus is Son of God and our Savior)
8 2. The Deck Stab: knife finds the Jesus Card (Sword of the Spirit helps us find Jesus)
9 3. Favorite Event: Spelling Trick (Jesus is everywhere in history)
10 4. Favorite Name for Jesus: as above
11 5. Card Flight: Selected Card vanished from deck to card case (Jesus appears to the disciples)
13 6. The Prediction: Selected card is predicted. (God's prophets foretold about Jesus)
14 7. Reversed Card: Selected card turns face up in deck (Spiritual blessings are from above)
15 8. Escaping Card: Selected Card to pocket, even though deck is wrapped in rubber bands. (Jesus' escape from the angry crowd)
16 9. Card In Orange: (Jesus lives in Christians)
18 10. Svengali Pad: making a Svengali pad of paper (Putting Jesus first)
20 11. Mix and Match: a Monte game with 3 decks. All End up with Jesus Cards (Making Christians)
22 12. Mental Miracle: Blackboard prediction (As a man thinketh)
22 13. A Hard Way Cut: Card found by cut through handkerchief (Finding Jesus in our sinful world)
23 14. Sympathy: Card found at the Dice Roll (You can't lose with Jesus)
25 15. A Winner: selected card is to come to the top of a deck when a cardboard cross is placed on top. It apparently fails until the cross is turned over, and a miniature card is found pasted on the back (Jesus died on the Cross)
26 16. Back on Top: Jesus card vanishes from an envelope and appears on the top of the deck (Putting Jesus First)
28 17. A running Gag: Ambitious card routine. (Jesus is With us Always)
29 18. An Elusive Card: Jesus Card is always on top (Jesus is the Head)
29 19. A Real Stunner: Deck is split in two. Spectator 1 takes card from pack 1 and places in pack 2. Spectator 2 takes card from pack 2 ad places in pack 1. Magician finds both cards. (Church and World don't mix)
31 20. The Mentalist: spectator says "stop", next card is the selection. (As a Man Thinketh)
32 21. Nailed: Card is selected and returned to deck. Magician lists sins on a paper and "nails" them to the cross marked "paid". Deck is spread and spectator's card now has 3 holes in it. (Christ paid the cost for sins)
34 22. Six Shooter: A gun is shot at the deck. Jesus card is found to have holes in it. It is placed in an envelope. When opened, he card is restored. (Taking pot shots at Jesus)
36 23. A Tricktionary: Bible dictionary has prediction of which card will be selected. (God knows who will choose Christ)
37 24. Clip Monte: Jesus and indifferent card transpose on cross even though clipped with a paper clip (Jesus took our place on the cross)
38 25. Flop Over Card: Selected card pops out of deck when dropped (Those who reject Jesus are a flop)
39 26. Sucker Monte: Selected Card turns into double backed card (Judas couldn't show his face)
41 27. Silly Surgery: A signed card marked with blood is cleansed (Christ gave his blood)
43 28. The Pickup: spectator's card appears on top of the deck, then vanishes. A word is spelled and the card appears at that letter (Putting Jesus first)
45 29. Stamp Stymie: Stamps always stick to a Jesus Card (Go Ye Into All the World)
46 30. The Eye Detector: lie detector
48 31. Changing Card on Sleeve
48 32. Coin-Incidence: Coin date used to find a card (Jesus in every year)
49 33. Card Out of Hat: Card pops out of hat (Jesus is just a snap of the finger away)
51 34. Enlarged Card: after several failed attempts to find the selected card, a Jumbo card is found on the bottom of the tray (Seeing Jesus in Your Life)
52 35. The Card Wiping Cloth: As above, Jesus appears on handkerchief (What is Jesus to You?)
53 36. Watch Card Trick: Card found at hour set on watch (The Hour of Prayer, and The Time for Salvation)
55 The Meaning of the Symbols: bread, fish, lamps, etc.