Miller, Hugh (Editor): Al Koran Professional Presentations
©1967 Harry Stanley, London, England; reprinted by Martin Breese
Hardbound, 131 pages, 9.5x6.3"
Al Koran Professional Presentations
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Comments (Stephen Sparks): Illustrated with 29 detailed photos. Great commercial magic by one of England's Best.


5 Professional Presentation
11 The Gold Medallion
19 Ring On Stick
29 Birthday Card Trick
39 Book Test
45 Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper
51 Black Magic
59 Encore Card Stab
69 Doodles
73 Princess Card Trick Plus
83 Nap Hand Deal
91 Double Thought
97 Card Prediction
103 Sure Fire Force
109 The Flying Ring
115 The Pendulum Tells
121 Double Deal
129 Note Under Cup