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Miesel, Bill (compiler): Fork Full of Appetizers
©1982 "Obie" O'Brien, Ryan Press, NY
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 66 pages
Fork Full of
Image from Magicref

Comments: From Fecther's Finger Flicking Frolic, Book 1. Illustrations by Tom Gagnon.


i Introduction:

1 Chapter I Cards
1 Unknown (Harry Carroll): selection vanishes from two cards chosen by 2nd spectator and is found reversed in deck
3 Five Finger Discount (Del Copley): steal of a card from one packet to another
5 Mental Nick (Thomas Craven): location of a selected card
7 Side Steal a la Doty (J.C. Doty): cover for the side steal
9 Joe's Trick (Ed Eckl): impromptu prediction effect with cards
11 Blazing Saddles (Tony Econ): card held by the spectator becomes the selection, with a wild west story
13 Everywhere and Nowhere (Neal Elias): modern version of a Hofzinser classic
15 Double Dazzling Slop Shuffle Triumph (Bob Farmer): selections are found in mixed up deck
19 Universal Prediction (Phil Goldstein): version of Universal Card presented as a prediction, uses gimmicked cards
20 Any Card Any Wallet (Bob Haines): commercial card to wallet
21 No Skill Four Ace Assembly (Mike Hilburger): in the spectator's hands
23 AC/DC T B S M R R (Peter Isaacs): wind up robot finds the selection
26 Houdini and Svengali (Denis MacKenzi): a trick for your Svengali deck and a bell
27 Mirror Twist (Ray Mertz): Twisting the Aces with mirrors
29 Water and the Oil Barrons: version of Roy Walton's "Oil and Queens"
30 The Card is Cigarette (Tom Mullica): Card turns out to be the cigarette
32 Four Card Do As I Do (Mike O'Dowd): spectators packet never turns out like the magican's
34 Challenge Poker (Mack Picknick): spectator seems to control the deal
36 The Gambler and His Accomplice (Mack Picknick): gambler never takes a chance
37 Three Alike (Victor Trabucco): show three different cards as the same
38 Progressive Blues (David Walker):combines Progressive Aces and Ultimate Aces

45 Chapter II Coins
45 Deflation (Del Copley): Spectator wins a coin, but not the one they thought
46 Bomb Bay Production (Tom Gagnon): coin production from thin air
47 Flip Up Production (Tom Gagnon): another
49 Vi-Sil-Co ("Obie" O'Brien): Visual Copper Silver change, no gimmicked coins
50 Reverse Color Changing Matrix (Tom Staton): coin matrix where the four coins assemble but then return to corners, and change value!

53 Chapter III Miscellaneous Close Up Magic
53 Son of Morning (Gene Anderson): burning match vanishes
54 The Orange Chop (Bob Follmer): Chop cup routine using an orange juice concentrate can
56 A Ball Production (Tom Gagnon): for flat bottomed Chop Cup
57 Eggstraordinary (Claude Hale): Idea for using a coin dropper in a small stuffed chicken
58 A Tape Recorder Gag (Mike Hilburger): a comedy intro recording
59 Ring on Wand Routine (Karl Norman): with borrowed finger ring
61 Zig Zag Thumb (Meir Yedid): a thumb twisting illusion
64 Out of this Alphabet (David Drake): Out of this World with Alphabet cards
65 Love Match (Norman Houghton):a card trick for couples