Mesika, Yigal: Animated Miracles
©1999 Yigal Mesika, L&L Publishing
Paper,approx. 20 pages

Comments: Magic effects using I.T. loops. Illustrations by Menny Lindenfeld, Written by Anthony Brahams & Ori Ashkenazy.


4 Preface
5 Introduction
6 Loop Basics
6 Animated Fork: on the table
9 Phenomenon Fork: Fork spins and stops
10 Falling: Object falls over on command
11 The Floating Card: Card suspends and floats
12 Jumping Fork From Glass: as titled
13 Mystery Glasses: animated sunglasses
14 Self Revealing Card: Deck separates and a card emerges by itself
16 Matchical Magnetism: Match jumps from spectators hand to magician's
17 A Touching Trick: Spectator feels as though he's been touched although the audience can see he hasn't been
18 The Floating Ring: Borrowed finger ring floats away from the finger and is returned
19 Finally