Mertz, Ray: The Close Up Magic of Ray Mertz
©1977 Ray Mertz
Paper, stapled, 11 pages
The Close Up
              Magic of Ray Mertz
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Comments: Typed Manuscript


i Introduction (Eddie Fechter)
ii Introduction (Karl Norman)
1 Dedication
2 International Reverse Matrix: using four different coins and a shell
3 A $2.85 Deck: uses the $2.85 trick and a gimmicked deck
4 The Three Shell Game: presented as an event that happened to you; uses the shell set, a velvet pad, a shot glass and a half dollar. Provides the basic routine only.
6 Mirror Twist: Four of a Kind turn face down one at a time, then the backs change color, and then to mirrored backs.
7 My Coin Collection: Okito and C/S/B coin set.
9 Simplex Card in Wallet: a no-palm version using a Himber wallet
10 All Wild: a single card is taken from a "split" deck, but don't match. However, the Jumbo card prediction does match both halves, and then the rest of the deck halves is shown to be all blanks and all wild colored backs.
11 Cards & Coins Ala Cups & Balls: half dollars vanish, appear, and jump from underneath three cards
13 Thoughts and Ideas that Really Work: some magic thoughts
14 Some Views on Close Up Magic: an essay