Merlin, Jean: Rope Series, Part 3; Three Big Rope Routines
1973 Jean Merlin, Paris, France
Softcover, comb-bound, 24 pages, 8.5x11"
Blank cover

Comments: Part three of the lecture, with three rope routines. Instruction is provided by J. Hodges' illustrations only, there is no text. Uses just ropes, no gimmicks.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers; descriptions from Denny & Lee's Magic)

1 Rope Chain: two sets of three ropes each are seen tied in a bundle. All are untied and retied, leading to six lengths in one chain. The knots vanish, leaving one short, one medium, and one long rope.
2 Jean Merlin's Professor's Nightmare Routine
3 Dollar Monte Rope: large bill is tied to a long rope. Long rope and a short rope are placed in a bag, and the spectator always chooses the short rope.