Mentzer, Jerry, John Murray, and Al Cohen: One Cup & Coins
1994 Al Cohen, Jerry Mentzer, John Murray
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 14 pages
One Cup and

Comments: Routine booklet that accompanies the aluminum One Cup and Coins Coin Cup that was available from Al Cohen's Magic Shop in the 1990's (see an article on the Coin Cup HERE) It includes a routine by Al Cohen and a longer routine by John Murray. The John Murray routine originally appeared in Jerry Mentzer's Another Close-Up Cavalcade and was reprinted in this booklet by permission.


1 Al's Routine for the Cup & Coins: Al's routine used to demo the cup in the shop.
3 One Cup and Coins (Jerry Mentzer, John Murray): Suitable for sitting or standing. Three half dollars are produced, then transfer from hand to cup.
4 - Phase One: Production of the Coins
9 - Phase Two: Sleight of Hand Version. There are two Phase II approaches, one more intense than the other.
12 - Phase Two: Simple Version
13 Added Notes: ideas for a climax