Mentzer, Jerry: Close-Up Cavalcade
©1973 Jerry Mentzer; Third printing 1975
Hardcover, 165 pages
Close Up Cavalcade
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Comments: B&W photos, sometimes not too clear. The first of three in Jerry's excellent Close-Up Cavalcade series featuring close up magic with almost no card effects. Each volume has a good selection of routines, so it is difficult to recommend any one over another (depends on what kind of routines you like!).


1 Introduction
3 Commentary: on the nature and performance of close up magic

9 Chapter One: Rings and Ropes
11 Repeat Ring Release (Dr. Dan McDonald): a finger ring penetrates a rope several times (gimmicked)
18 Ring (Ray Grismer): a borrowed finger ring is magically removed from a rope (from May 71 issue of Genii)
25 Professor's Incubus (Roger Sylwester): handling of "Professor's Nightmare" or "Equally Unequal Ropes" (from Heirophant Number 3)
30 Three Rope False Count: for the above effect
31 Unequal Ropes: restoring the ropes to original condition so they can be examined
34 Quicksilver (Rick Johnsson): a bracelet size ring rises up and penetrates a rope
(no gimmicks)

39 Chapter Two: Cigarettes
41 Gee Whiz - It's Spiked (Jack Chanin): a lit cigarette vanishes and appears, turns into a railroad spike, and then appears again.
43 Close Up Cigarette Routine (Christian): a cigarette routine in which a cigarette is torn and restored, changes to a dollar bill, and then back to a cigarette
50 Smoker's Interludes - I Magnetic Matches: a borrowed cigarette clings to a matchbook
52 Smoker's Interludes - II Match Vanish: a match is lit, blown out, and vanishes (TT)

55 Chapter Three: Coins
57 Texture Expanded (Dan Tong): coin through handkerchief, can be used with Dai Vernon's Expansion of Texture or stand alone
62 Champagne Coins (Dan Tong): Four half dollars to Champagne glass. No gimmicks.
68 The Half Crown Affair (Horace Bennett): an English Half Crown and American Penny transpose several times, then the Half Crown changes into a "jumbo" penny in the spectator's hand
74 Poker Chip Chicanery (Jerry Mentzer): poker chips are produced from a handkerchief, then change color, then transform into a silver dollar
79 Matrix Coin Trick (Al Schneider): Schnieder's famous coin assembly described. No gimmicks and no extra coins.
87 Magnet Matrix (Jerry Mentzer): a gimmicked version
91 Miracle Coins Thru Playing Cards: a coin repeatedly penetrates a playing card and falls into a glass (gimmick)
96 Stand Up Quarter and Half Penetration (Tony Kardyro): Impromptu. A quarter and half dollar penetrate the back of the performer's hand
98 3 Coin Moves (Jerry Mentzer): A trio of vanishes. Cartwheel Re-Visited, Goshman Pinch vanish, Goshman Pinch Quick Vanish

105 Chapter Four: Misc.
107 Match Maneuvers (Charlie Miller): A paper napkin is signed and pushed into the fist; it vanishes and is replaced by a stream of matches. The napkin appears in a matchbox that has been in view from the start (from Magick #2 & #11)
110 4 Colors Get Together (Jerry Mentzer): a four coin assembly using poker chips
115 Something From Something and Sponge Shenanigans: (from Feb 71 Linking Ring)
116 Something From Nothing: sponge ball multiplies from one to two to three
119 Sponge Shenanigans: a sponge ball routine for three (four) sponges with a color change ending.
122 The Ring Transposition (Pavel): Three yellow rings and three red rings transpose in various phases of this effect (rings are 1.5" plastic washers)
126 Improved Gypsy Torn and Restored Thread (Tony Spina): a clever approach to the torn and restored thread from a spool trick

132 Chapter Five: Paper Money
134 Two Dollar Bill Tear: a two dollar bill is apparently "torn" into two singles
140 Money Mastery (Jack Chanin): a dollar is torn and is restored in the spectator's hand
142 Buck-A-Reno (Larry West): four ones are counted to four, then turned over and counted to eight, then a five and three ones appears, making 8 dollars!

149 Chapter Six: Mental
151 X Marks the Spot (Jerry Mentzer): the spectator chooses the "odd" business card (Olram Subtlety)
152 Hillbilly Bills (Walt Rollins): Spectator impales one of four bills ($1, $5, $10, $20) on the table with a safety pin. Performer reveals he has impaled one of his four bills, the matching denomination! (uses key from linking pin set)
155 Spirit Writing (Jerry Mentzer): the name of a selected (borrowed) item appears on a balled up paper and is found to have vanished from a business card onto which it was written
159 Match Weight (Arthur Emerson): Magician states he can "weigh" a matchbook to determine which one is missing a match. In the process, all the matches vanish from the book.