Mentzer, Jerry: Card Cavalcade Four
©1977 Jerry Mentzer
Hardcover, no dj, 166 pages
Mentzer Card Cavalcade Four
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Comments (Zigby7): If you are interested in card magic, you will definitely want this book. Most of the magic can be done with a regular pack of card. Besides Jerry Mentzer, contributors include John Mendoza, Frank Shields, Ray Mertz, Barry Govan, a chapter by Phil Goldstein/Maven, J.K. Hartman, Tom Gagnon, and others.


1 Introduction

3 Chapter 1 - Trix
5 All the Same (Bill Okal)
10 Variation On All the Same
11 Wild Mental Move (John F. Mendoza)
16 Cutting The Kings (John F. Mendoza)
21 Double Barrelled Shotgun (A. Berkeley Davis)
26 A $2.85 Deck (Ray Mertz)

33 Chapter 2 - Information
35 Four Card Display Move (Frank Shields)
40 Quick Reverse (Jerry Mentzer)
47 Okal's Three Way
51 Pop Up Card (Jerry Mentzer)
54 Glimpse
58 Cull Speller
61 Kelly's Bottom Up
66 Turn Me Over

73 Chapter 3 - More Trix
75 Two Pack Coincidence
76 Ambitious Red Back (Jerry Mentzer)
84 Perplexed (Barry Govan)
90 Palm Spoof (A. Berkeley Davis)
94 He Squares (A. Berkeley Davis)
99 Out of This World Variation
102 Seven No Trump (A. Berkeley Davis)

105 Chapter 4 Magic by Phil Goldstein
107 Very Good Hand (Phil Goldstein)
113 Rundown (Phil Goldstein)
117 Nijinsky Two (Phil Goldstein)

123 Chapter 5 Routines
125 Turncoat Kings (John Miller and Jerry Mentzer)
129 All Backs Plus (Jerry Mentzer)
139 Dirty Deal Revisited (Jerry Mentzer)
147 Hand Me Down (J.K. Hartman)
150 Visual Finders (Tom Gagnon)
160 Visual Quickie (Tom Gagnon)