Mentzer, Jerry: Another Close Up Cavalcade
1975 Jerry Mentzer
Hardcover, no dj, 159 pages
Another Close Up
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Comments: The second in Jerry's well done Close-Up Cavalcade series. Lots of great routines with almost no cards! Includes a routine with a Coin Cup, a color changing knives routine, and much more. Recommended.


1 Introduction

3 Chapter 1: The Midas Touch
5 One Cup and Coins (Jerry Mentzer): Jerry's version of original routine by John Murray. A Chop Cup style routine for the Coin Cup, special coin, and three halves.
11 Sleight of Hand Version: another approach using more advanced sleight of hand.
15 Follow the Leader Coins (Horace Bennett): Dime and Penny "follow" an English Penny & US Half Dollar (uses CS coin)
21 Change for a Penny (Karl Norman): a Penny and silver dollar supposedly transpose, but when spectator looks the penny has grown! It then grows again to a 3" coin.
25 The Jo Pro Coin Box: a basic routine for the Jo Pro Coin Box by Johnson Products. Similar in some ways to the One Cup and Coins prop.
30 Cone Coin: coin vanishes from a paper cone and then reappears from it.
35 Reverse Metamorphosis (Bill Spooner): Half dollar at fingertips changes almost visibly to English Penny and back again.

39 Chapter 2: From Across the Water
41 Harold Taylor's Rope Routine: a full cut and restored rope routine
50 Sleight of Hand Rope Cut: cut and restored rope with no beforehand preparation
53 Technicolour Dice (Barry Govan): A red and green die transpose several times, change to the same color, and then a large die is produced; with the help of two dice cups (cups are not gimmicked). A two cups and balls routine with dice.
58 Dice Interlude (Barry Govan & Ian Baxter): Two die change color, multiply, and change in size
62 Bruno's Needle Trick: a bundle of needles magically thread themselves with a chosen color of thread. Includes how to construct the special spool, which was originally a commercial item.
70 Fiedler's Cigarette Through Card: A cigarette is used to burn a hole through a playing card, the hole is 'patched' with a red sticker, and then it heals itself (card is not fully examinable)
75 Balance (Lubor Fiedler): Magician writes the word "balance" on a card, and then leaves the crayon balanced on the card in a way that looks impossible
77 Coins in Plastic Bags (Lubor Fiedler): Spectator places coins in two clear plastic bags and divides them as he wishes. Magician then reveals his two plastic bags prepared beforehand, which predict the spectator's choice.

81 Chapter 3: Playing With Matches
83 Christopher's Match Revisited (Rick Johnsson): a four phase, impromptu approach to magic with matchbooks. Starts with an idea from Milbourne Christopher.
89 Madcap Matchbox: how to build a version of the Acrobatic Matchbox
97 Dollar Matches: a dollar is shown and rolled into a tube and matched poured out. The dollar is crumpled into a ball, vanishes, and is found inside the match box.
101 Match Transpo: a box of matches are ignited, but then the burnt matches transpose with a box of good ones.
102 Salt and Matches: salt is poured into a handkerchief where they change into match sticks. The salt is found inside the match box.

107 Chapter 4: Paddles
109 The Paddle Move: described in detail
114 Mini Magna Paddle: a mini-penny is seen on both sides of a paddle, then it changes to a regular sized penny. The penny is removed from the paddle and it changes to a giant penny. Description of a commercial product by Tannen's.
117 Stampaddle: utilizes two paddles (one gimmicked), and some letter stamps. Another commercial product (that you could make yourself with a bit of woodwork) from Tannen's.
121 Coin Paddle: uses a specially made (and gimmicked) two ended paddle and appropriate coins.
126 Knives: a routine for the color changing knives; two regular knives of contrasting color and the gimmicked knife. Follows the "Enardoe" pattern, but includes a nice flip color change and ends with both knives examinable.

135 Chapter 5: Misc
137 The Die and Box: Several effects with a specially constructed Die Box - Die Thru Hand; Die Thru Handkerchief; Visible Die Thru Handkerchief; Chink-A-Chink
146 Bottoms Out (Ron Zollweg): The bottom of a glass is broken off and then restored. Great as an "impromptu" looking stunt
149 Psychic Six: Performer names the color of a chip he will remove before he removes it; then predicts the color a spectator will choose
152 George Weisenel's Famous Splinter From the Hand: a clever stunt a bit on the 'bizarre' side. A long 'splinter' like a horse hair is pulled from the magician's hand.
155 Cut and Restored Ribbon: a ribbon is folded inside a card, the two are cut, but the ribbon is unharmed