Mentzer, Jerry: Counts, Cuts, Moves & Subtlety
A Book of Basic Card Techniques
©1977 Jerry Mentzer; 9th printing 1988
73pp, perfectbound paper
Counts Cuts Moves

Comments: This is an excellent book on many of the basic moves used in packet card magic. Lots of B&W photos throughout. Recommended.


1 Introduction: Larry West

2 Chapter 1: Undercuts & Reversals:
3 Double Undercut: control to top or bottom
5 Braue Reversal: reverse one or more cards
9 Concealed Reversal: addition to Braue Reversal

13 Chapter 2: Counts, Move and Subtlety:
13 The Biddle Move (Elmer Biddle): remove one card from a group while counting
18 Hammon Count (Brother John Hammon): Switch one packet for another while counting
23 Veeser Count (Bob Veeser): variation of the Elmsley Count
25 Another Count: conceal bottom card of four
26 Flushtration Move (Brother John Hammon): apparently show all backs
29 Haback Count (Phil Goldstein): Show 5 as five, but some hidden
31 Olram Subtlety (Ed Marlo): Show cards while hiding one
35 Downs Change (T. Nelson Downs): change of one card for another
38 True or False (Jack Chanin): false count

41 Chapter 3: Elmsley, Jordan, Etc.
41 The Elmsley Count (Alex Elmsley): Also known as the "Ghost Count". Counting 4 as 4
45 The Jordan Count (Charles T. Jordan): another 4 as 4 count
48 The Siva Count (Jack Avis): conceals center card of a 5 card packet
51 Open Count (John Murray): conceal 3rd card of 4
54 Smile Count (Larry West): conceals 3 card surfaces in packet of 4
55 Pairs Count (Larry West): variation of Smile Count
56 The Spirit Count (Gene Castillon): a "2 and 2" count for packet of 4

61 Chapter 4: Spreads
61 The Simple Spread: keeping a card concealed as packet is spread
63 The Back Spread: backs up
65 Buckle Count: using a buckling of the fingers
70 Ascanio Spread (Arturo de Ascanio): concealing a card in a fair looking spread