Mendoza, John: John Verse Two
©1980 John Mendoza, Morrissey Magic, Canada
Softcover, Spiral Bound, 137 pages, 8.5x11"
John Verse Two
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Comments: Illustrated by Keith Oldham. 


i Dedication
ii Introduction

1 Card Effects
1 Acey-Deucy Improved
4 Missionaries’ Revenge
15 Face Up Red Black Shuffle
19 Cutting the Kings Re-Visited
25 Marlo-Nelson-Mendoza Hunters
31 The Most Difficult Card Trick in the World
36 S-T-R-E-T-C-H Stretched
40 The Horse Race
43 One Handed Face Change
46 Nelson’s $1.50 Four Ace Routine
53 Open Travelers-Closed Changers
57 One Dollar Sandwich
61 The Ten Card Poker Killer
66 Easy Ace Cutting

68 Coins
68 Look They’re Copper: Matrix climax
78 Reverse Portable Hole

84 Apparatus
84 The Last Last Card
88 Bendix Bombshell Routine
93 The Cup Switch
96 Unexpected Vision
101 The Spiked Half

104 The Magic of Mary Wolf
104 The Two Hundred-Eighty Five Cent Trick
107 Quick MacDonald
115 The Cone and Coins Routine plus Addendum
116 Addendum for the Cone and Coins Routine
131 A Little Bit of Coke (a-Cola)

137 In Conclusion