Mendoza, John: Magician Tested, Audience Approved, The Magic of Dan Fleshman
©1985 Dan Fleshman
Paper, comb-bound, 65 pages
Magician Tested
              Audience Approved
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Comments: Illustrations by Dan Fleshman. Clever Coin & Card magic, with a couple of Cups & Balls moves thrown in.


ii Foreword (Gene DeVoe)
ii Introduction: people pay to see you!

1 Coins
1 Rollover Half Dollars: four half dollars appear under a card one at a time, no gimmicks
4 Derek Daniels' Coins Across: four coins hand to hand, no gimmicks (advanced)
7 Surprise! Reverse Matrix Again (Jim Surprise): with just four coins and four cards
13 Okito Alias Smith Coin Box (Danny Smith): Coins vanish one at a time into the coin box, no gimmicks
19 Powerful Coins Across: Using the Gallo Pitch (not taught), a C/S, two halves, and an English Penny
23 Three Neat Ideas: a vanish, a change, and a loading idea
27 Steve Payton's Karate Coin: a routine in which the coin can be examined at the end
41 Chuck Payne's Ring-Off: coin is removed from trap made with finger ring and silk

35 Cards
35 What The Hell Are You Looking Here For? Selection found by fingerprints, with a kicker
38 Fifty Cents for Your Thoughts: selection revealed in a startling manner, matches prediction, and more!
43 Two Card Switch: card transposition
44 Malini-Freeman Twist: combo of Malini's Inverse and a Steve Freeman effect
47 Some Prediction: prediction card becomes the selection with the help of the Aces
50 Ace Collection: Ace assembly
56 Simple Sandwich: prediction card becomes the signed selection with help from the Kings
58 Chuck Payne's Sorry You Lose: combo Monte and Oil & Water routine

61 Cups & Balls
61 Cups & Balls Move #1: stems from the Elevator Move
61 Cups & Balls Move #2: small ball to large ball change using two cups

65 In Conclusion: end notes by Dan Fleshman