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Mendoza, John F: The Excellence of Dan Fleshman
©1983 Tom Westerheide, Illinois
Illustrated by Paul Daly
Paper, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 90 pages
The Excellence of Dan Fleshman
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Comments: Often provides two approaches to sleights, one more technically difficult but "cleaner", and an easier alternative (such as Classic Force vs. Riffle Force)


Dedication: to Gene DeVoe
Acknowledgement: by Dan Fleshman
Foreword: John Mendoza
Advice on Working Restaurants (Dan Fleshman): the magic, approaching tables, conversation

1 Cards
1 The Seeing Double Sandwich: selection becomes sandwiched between two Jacks, even though the spectator inserted one of the Jacks into the deck himself. This is repeated in a more mystifying way (duplicate)
7 Switchbox: selection transposes with a card in the card box (duplicate)
11 Sandbox: two red sevens transpose with two black sevens in the cardbox, then a selection placed between the two black sevens ends up sandwiched between the red sevens in the box (gimmicked card)
16 Back & Forth Sandwich: one selection is sandwiched between two Kings on the table. A 2nd selection is lost in the deck. With a passing of the hands, the Kings vanish, to be found in the deck sandwiching the 2nd selection! (No gimmicks)
19 Momma In My Wallet: combination of Red Hot Momma by Al Leech and The Card In the Wallet. The details are not explained, only Dan's approach to combining them.
21 The Seeing-Double Switchbox: A signed card face up in the deck transposes with a signed card in the card box (gimmicked cards)
23 Trandswitchposition: selection is sandwiched between two Aces, then vanishes. Aces are tabled and selection appears between them again. Selection vanishes again and is found back in the deck, face up. (gimmicks)
26 Miracle With a Signed Card: Two black nines are tabled, and the selection appears between them. Selection and one nine are returned to deck, and the other nine is signed. Signed nine jumps to the top of the deck and ultimately its back changes color. (gimmick)
32 Triple Snap Change: Two selections are made. Magician brings 1st selection to the top of the deck, but when it fails, the card turns into the selection while rubbed on the sleeve. Next a coin is brought out that finds the 2nd selection, actually held by the first spectator! The first selection is now found in the spectator's pocket. (no gimmicks)
35 And Yet Another Color Changing Deck - But This is One You'll Use: back and faces of a red deck are shown and one card selected. Magician determines the value of the card, and states it was easy because the cards are "marked". This is shown to be that the selection was the only red backed card in an entirely blue deck

38 Coins
38 Coins to the Glass: four coins one at a time, no gimmicks
41 Coins to the Purse: three silvers and one copper vanish one at a time from the hands and into the purse. Uses three halves, English Penny, one C/S coin, and a Goshman (or other) coin purse
47 The Bottomless Purse: Copper and silver removed from purse frame, copper placed back in and vanished. Silver Extraction effect then takes place, and the copper taken back out of the frame. Half is then restored, and the copper and silver transpose a few times with the copper finally vanishing, whereupon it is found inside a coin purse that has been in view the whole time. Finally the coins tranpose with the aid of cards and you end clean. (purse frame, coin purse, Silver Extraction set - optional, C/S coin, two copper coins, one half, and two playing cards)
55 Clean-Up Move for Spellbound: an alternate ending sequence for Dai Vernon's Spellbound from Stars of Magic

57 The Magic of Friends
57 Caps Across (Ken Garr): a Chink-A-Chink effect followed by "caps across"  and caps thru the table using bottle caps and a bottle production ending (uses 5 caps and a bottle)
63 Silver Finger (Steve Payton): coins change to silver when touched with a silver finger, and then the coin purse itself changes! (uses silver finger, wax, C/S coin, English Penny, 3 halves, one regular coin purse and one silver purse, and one English Penny shell)
69 Jokers Wild (Peter Peterson): Selection is sandiwched between two Jokers, then vanishes and is found between two other Jokers, then returns again. Selection then changes to a 5th Joker and the selection is found back in the deck face up. (gimmicked card you make yourself)

74 Apparatus - Featuring the Original Fleshman Flash
74 Ring and String Moves: two moves to be incorporated into a finger ring and string routine. 1) penetration, vanish, and reappearance 2) a move by Chris Kenner to "reveal" a ring on the string as it is dipped into a coin purse
78 A Shot for You!: an intricate One Cup and ball routine using: two shot glasses, a half dollar, two crochet balls, purse frame, full purse, and just the bottom of a purse, napkins, and a Pressley Guitar dice cup (or other suitable cup, not a Chop Cup). To be performed seated.
86 The Cups and Balls Featuring the Original Fleshman Flash: a cups and balls routine to be performed seated. Uses a set of three cups, four crochet balls, five climax balls, a close up pad, and an 18x24" cloth to aid in holding the climax balls in the lap. Ends with a flash production of three large balls, and then two more!