Menard, Kevin: Presents
©1977 Kevin Menard, published by James Rainho
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 12 pages
Kevin Menard
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Comments: Typed manuscript with line drawings. Kevin's "teach night" lecture, containing some of his own and some others' effects. Production quality is not that high as there are lots of mis-spellings. Note: apparently there are multiple "Kevin Menard Presents" books as I have seen a yellow-colored cover with the same title but different contents.


1 Why Hire a Lecturer?
2 Tempus (Peter Warlock): Opener, a watch appears instantly on a rope
3 Knotted Ring (Pavel): a bracelet ring is knotted on a rope, yet is pulled off, leaving the knot
4 Ring Off (Roy Baker): a finger ring with a string is pulled off the finger, even though the fingers are inter-twined with a rubber band
5 Swedged Penny (Kevin Menard): mini coin becomes pressed into a regular penny
6 Sure* Fire Force (Tarbell): forcing a card using a gimmicked card
7 The Last of the Last Cards (Roy Baker): slate card prediction
8 Numbers (Menard): betting gag
9 Easy Message Reading (Tarbell): magician reads message that was burned
10 Card Darn Clever Trick (Menard, Pavel): selected card is removed from a string, unharmed
11 Blindfold Discovery (Roy Baker): method of card to forehead
12 Card in Salt (Menard): card in pepper shaker