Meech, Oliver: The Plot Thickens
©2008 Oliver Meech, Self Published
Paper, perfect bound, 87 pages
The Plot Thickens

Comments: Oliver Meech studied Experimental Psychology at Oxford, creativity at a top London advertising agency, and magic at The Magic Circle.

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Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Invisible Man: 2nd spectator reveals a card held by 1st spectator
2 Cardboard Birthday Cake: drawn candle on birthday cake picture is extinguished when blown on by the spectator
3 Correctional Facility: A business card effect using the Out to lunch principle
4 Correctional Facility: date on the back of a signed playing card is instantly corrected
5 Not Seeing the Wood for the Trees: wrong cards spell the selection
6 Telling Your Ace from Your Elbow: ink design reveals selection
7 Fish Bowl Coin Illusion: Fish on one side and bowl on other become merged when a coin is spun
8 Touching Transposition: quick transpo of coin and sugar cube
9 X-Ray Coin: an X-ray of the sectator's stomach reveals an initialed coin
10 Swig Load: Signed coin to soda can
11 Free Money in Every Pack: Signed coin is used to buy a candy bar from a vending maching, and the coin is found inside the candy bar! (Note: this is no longer available in the 2nd Edition, as it was an "already invented" item; now replaced by "Dripping Coin")
Bubble Image: Prediction on business card matches number seen in soap bubble
12 Speechless: A charade gone wrong to reveal the spectator's chosen card
13 Random Poetry: a clever prediction effect
14 Spin the Bottle: Magician predicts who the bottle will point to
15 Psychic Strumming: Air guitar and the Beatles!
16 I Spy: Magician determines object spotted by spectator
17 Unwritten: A back in time effect with a business card
18 Every Flavor Jelly Beans: Jelly Beans in a canister match a prediction
19 Flaming Voodoo: paper bursts into flames
20 On With His Head!: a faulty photograph is magically fixed
21 Final Signature: another business card effect
22 Secret Service Load: Magician determines the serial number of a bill in the spectator's wallet